Kongregate, online gaming portal, is ready to launch a new digital platform Kartridge with all sorts of Steam-like options like game downloads, premium access, social media options etc.

Main difference according to this press release is that there will be no manual approval processes and application fees, so gaming studios can charge their own prices for their titles, including nothing at all.

The Kongregate mission statement is to nurture the growth and health of independent game developers and player communities. So we wanted to expand our community focus and developer advocacy to include even more parts of the gaming world.

The strategy is to grow a new PC gaming platform and its community.

Chat functionality won’t be interconnected, for one thing, and user levels will be separate. There will also be different expectations for user conduct, and Kongregate plans to improve the quality of chat in meaningful ways. We have a dedicated editorial team that will use their experience in content curation for Kongregate.com for over a decade to make sure that good games are given the chance to find an audience. Games will be showcased based on what is resonating with our players and our team in addition to some surfacing based on a player’s individual preferences.

Kartridge is out this summer and everybody is eager to see will it be rival to Steam’s service…


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