Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released the update 1.18 for Gran Turismo Sport, which includes the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, new events, a new track layout and more. The changelog provides all details.

Implemented main functions

New vehicles

  • The following vehicle has been added: Toyota GR SUPRA RACING CONCEPT 2018 (size 3)


  • The following 2 layouts for the “Dragon Trail” route have been added: Dragon Trail – Gardens and Dragon Trail – Gardens II


  • “Hawaii” has been added to the recommendations.

Brand Central

  • Additional Scapes locations were added at BMW.

Sports mode

  • Due to the introduction of the “Star Player” system, the current Drivers’ Championship (FW) is renamed “S” to “A+”.
  • Players who have received penalties that must be implemented during a race will now see a message under their PSN online ID.


  • Blue flags have been introduced. (Blue flags show vehicles approaching cars with a lap lead, as well as low speed vehicles.


  • The centering function of the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel (for PS4) has been reduced while operating the menus.

Other improvements and adjustments

  • When taking photos at Brand Central locations belonging to brands, you can now choose cars from both the showroom and the garage (limited to cars of this brand).
  • In “My Collection” you can now view the photo format details by pressing the △ key while viewing scapes and race photos.
  • In arcade mode, the pointer does not move when the steering wheel is moved to the left or right. (The pointer can be moved with the direction keys.)
  • Several other bugs have been fixed.

More info on the official site.