Foundation game

Polymorph Studio presented an answer to an upcoming trend of freeform games which include build mode, adaptability and completely open-world atmosphere with no grids or forbidden spaces.

When a building needs to be constructed between two existing structures that are not perpendicular to each other, the new structure will morph into the required shape and clip into the void between the existing structures like builders would have done back in the cities of old.

A press release very well explains the philosophy behind new gaming platform which is most popular in big gaming Discovery mode titles.

Foundation Medieval City Building Simulation screenshot

The game is based on a non-linear story with an option to play generated plots and stories. You can build existing forms of buildings, but also do your own home, castle or cathedral.

Kickstarter campaign is advancing well, so studio sets game release around Autumn. The final result will determine a work speed related to other studio’s similar projects, as some kind of Guinea Pig…


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