For a few days now, we have been able to transform ourselves into the Marvel’s Thanos in Fortnite‘s time-limited Infinity Gauntlet mode with the help of the great Infinity glove, whose values Epic Games has now screwed on again.

Thanos’ hotfix

After the creators of the shooter had generated Thanos only two days ago, thus weakened, a new hotfix makes the titan stronger again but reduces his health. Thanos is now buffed and nerfed at the same time.

Here are the concrete changes at a glance:

  • Laser damage to players increased from 12 to 20
  • Puncture damage increased from 80 to 100
  • Health reduced from 800 to 500

Besides, the hotfix brings some minor changes to Infinity Gauntlet mode. Healing items such as medi kits and large shield potions can now be found more often thanks to increased spawn rates, while bandages and slurp juices have been completely removed from the mode.

Here are all other changes in the overview:

  • Infinity Gauntlet Mode – Changelog
  • Bus flies a bit lower when dropping
  • A circle is initially larger
  • Less storm damage (the first 3 storms of 5% / 5% / 10% per tick at 1% / 2.5% / 5%)
  • The increased spawn rate of Med Kits, Chug Jugs, and Big Shields.
  • Infinity glove spawn time changed from 30-45 seconds after a bus ride to 120-135 seconds after bus ride
  • Removed spawn from bandages and slurp juice