The rumor is currently circulating that in May its doors will supposedly close for good. Many players are confused to panicky, but we can calm you down: The whole thing goes back to a fake tweet and is not true. Fortnite: Battle Royale will probably remain with us for quite some time.

Fake Tweet justifies Fortnite: Battle Royal ending with the lawsuit against PUBG

All the excitement surrounding the alleged end of Fortnite: Battle Royale is due to a fake tweet full of spelling mistakes, which should look as if it came from the official Twitter account of the game. It says the following:

Because of the lawsuit against PubG for copyright infringement. We regret to inform you that Fortnite: Battle Royale will come to an end on 24 May 2018. “Save the world will still be in development, and we will roll out ASAP.

It seems particularly curious that Fortnite: Battle Royale is on the brink of extinction following a lawsuit against PUBG. On the other hand, it might make sense, but not like this.

In reality: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Corp. sues doers of Chinese clones. Although there is no lawsuit against PUBG that heralds the end of Fortnite. Battle Royale, PUBG Corporation is currently suing the Chinese developer NetEase. With the Mobile Games Rules of Survival and Knives Out, he is said to have boldly stolen from PUBG. In addition to copied buildings, landscapes, vehicles, weapons and clothing, the Battle Royale shooters apparently even feature the Chicken Dinner slogan of the original.

Fortnite: Battle Royale continues unflinchingly

On Fortnite’s official Twitter account, however, there is no sign of an impending end and no reaction to the fake tweet. Instead, the developer tweets updates to new content such as skins, the new replay tool or the hotfix 3.5.1 and the patch 3.5.0.


  1. PUBG and Fortnite are only as popular because of streamers like Ninja, summit1g and DrDisRispect. Fortnite was until recently just a ridiculously boring game, until the first big streamers got interested in the game, just because at that time only noobs are on the road. PUBG and Fortnite are day flies, PUGB will sooner or later die out like DayZ or H1Z1 anyway, and as soon as there is new competition for Fortnite, the game will also be for the buoy. In both games the success comes only from the big streamers.

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