How long will it be before the remake of the classic Final Fantasy 7 is released? In the past, the reports and rumors about difficulties in development accumulated. Allegedly, the work had been set back two years. One thing is sure. The developer has been changed. Instead of the external studio CyberConnect2, the work was transferred to an internal team at Square Enix.

In the Forum, the translation of a recording of a conversation between producer Yoshinori Kitase and development leader Naoki Hamaguchi of Square Enix was published. The interview took place behind closed doors as part of an event to mark the franchise’s 30th birthday.

Release within the next five years

In it, the developers talk about the current state of affairs. The work is going smoothly at the moment. The long silence around the project after the first trailer of E3 2015 was regrettable but came about due to the already mentioned change of teams.

final fantasy 7 remake

However, the notes on a possible release period are particularly interesting. Although the comment may not have been severe, Kitase would like the game to be released by Final Fantasy by its 35th birthday. A statement that may not meet with much enthusiasm among the fans for the time being, after all this day expects us only in the year 2023, whether it meant it or not. It suggests that Square Enix itself can hardly estimate how long it will take.

However, since the development, which emerges from the conversation, seems to be on the right track, an earlier release sounds more likely. Kitase also mentions that the progress made so far will be presented at a next event. After all, the fair will take place in a few weeks. After the announcement at the E3 2015, it became quite quiet about the project. Except for one fancy CGi trailer, there hasn’t been much to see so far. Meanwhile the site director of the forum Lifestream, on which the translation appeared, has spoken via ResetEra. He emphasizes that producer Kitase had only taken the liberty of joking with the full release window.