Shortly after the Team of the Year was released, Electronic Arts have released a new update. The so-called kick-off glitch in FIFA 18 is already more than just familiar. Finally, EA has decided to fix this glitch. So be prepared that you won’t get these nasty goals anymore. With the latest update 1.08, the kick-off goals are over.

For your information, FIFA Ultimate Team, in particular, has seen almost every match, with the team that just kicked off the match getting a special boost, making it easier to score goals. The defenders became supporting actors, with the goalkeeper holding back only a very limited number of goals at FIFA 18 anyway, and almost every long shot went into the goal. This has caused a lot of frustration in some online matches. It is even more frustrating when playing important games or FUT-Draft games, which usually cost coins or FIFA Points.


The question is, was it even a glitch? Or not much more wanted? Of course, it’s much more exciting for the players if goals are scored in the first few minutes. At FIFA 18 in particular, we can see how many goals fall on average. That could have a very simple reason: Games in which more goals are scored are simply more fun. On the other hand, games that often end in 1-1 or even 0-0 would bore the players. What’s your opinion?

This is now at last to be a thing of the past. In the future, tactics and playing styles that exploit this “glitch” are to be prevented. The 1.08 update strengthens the defenders’ defensive behavior. The defense is more compact since the update and the attackers don’t get the above mentioned “Boost” anymore. The defensive is thus strengthened and the offensive weakened. In theory, the result is fewer goals after the kick-off. In the next few days and weeks, we will experience what it looks like in practice. Let’s hope for the best.

Here are some more changes to the game, which will come with the update 1.08:

FIFA 18 – Update 1.08 Troubleshooting and Changes


  • Defensive behavior of the defenders has been improved after the kick.
  • Attackers’ offensive behavior after the kick was weakened.
  • Goalkeepers who have been deliberately fitted with the ball have “cleared” it by mistake – this has now been fixed.
  • Defenders are now closer to the opponent’s man and prevent large “gaps”. This leaves less free space for the attackers, which has often led to goals.

FUT Champions Weekend League changes

  • Before the game, it will not be shown which team is the home and which is the away team. From now on your own team is on the left side and the opposing team on the right side before the game.
  • All matches will take place at the FeWC stadium. The weather will always remain the same with “Clear” and the time of day with “Evening”.
  • From now on, you will no longer see your opponents’ kits, but your second active away kit. Meaning you can decide which jersey your opponent is going to wear.
  • In the FUT Champions Channel, you can now watch the Orbit Champions Channel at the replay.

Bug fixes for FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Special abilities were displayed incorrectly (no effect on player behavior)
  • Fixed a bug in the search filter regarding contracts, player fitness and team fitness maps on the transfer market.
  • Visual errors in IF players have been fixed.

These were the most important changes in the new update. If you are looking for tips and tricks, our previous post will help you.