After a huge legislative attack on loot boxes empire, many new titles and games are ready to change their monetization strategy. Far Cry 5 is one of the first in a row.

Ubisoft confirmed that FC5 will not go to war with federal units. The only access will be season pass and microtransactions for time saving and cosmetic items such as skins, guns, vehicles and outfits. Demo released for journalists didn’t contain anything else as web store, but developers also confirmed that this is it when you speak about money.


Gaming experts find out that there are silver bars, which can be something that can be bought – but there wasn’t mention of that topic on the press conference. This is good PR move after all problems with game’s controversial themes, so it is possible that media and political pressure will slow down.

There was a lot of smoke around Far Cry 5 lately. The Far Cry’s 5 trailer called Baptism was the latest. What kind of results we’ll see in upcoming weeks around FC5, let’s wait and see…