As Facebook has published on its own blog, the social network is currently working on developing a streaming platform for gamers. It will be released in competition with Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Maybe we can see Lets Plays on Facebook soon?

This idea wouldn’t be bad at all on Facebook. Facebook has a huge potential with 2.1 billion users worldwide. Streaming video games are nothing new on Facebook. At the moment there are some big gamers who actively broadcast PUBG, Fortnite or other games on Facebook. Apparently, the developers in Silicon Valley have now also noticed this.

We are currently working on a pilot program to unite Facebook’s existing technology with that of the competition. The focus should be on the streamers themselves. For the streamers, it should be possible to reach the users on several platforms. This includes Facebook.com, Instagram, and Oculus. You can also stream games on Facebook with 1080p (Full-HD) and 60fps.

Will YouTube Gaming and Twitch soon face competition?

As far as gamers’ monetization and rewards are concerned, Facebook sees different options. As described in their blog, the streamers usually receive payments/donations directly from their viewers. Facebook wants to integrate payment options directly into the stream, which makes it possible to “donate” something like Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Facebook plans to present the streaming service at the PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo) in April. Further information will follow. To what extent Facebook is working on its streaming service we will see in the following months. It is currently possible for everyone to start a live stream on Facebook. But as far as a special platform such as channels is concerned, Facebook still has to add some more information. We hope that they will be able to convince with innovation and not copy bluntly from YouTube and Twitch.

If you’re interested in the program, you can sign up here.