Next month, Dynasty Warriors 9 will feature a new DLC that introduces some new weapons.

The open game world of Koei Tecmo’s “Dynasty Warriors 9” is being expanded with new weapons. The developer has announced a new update for mid-May. A total of three weapons await the players, for whom the first details have now been announced. Each weapon type should have low, middle and high-rank weapons.

All characters will be able to use these weapons, but warriors who have designated these weapons as their favorite weapons will unlock particular actions:

  • Claws – a favorite weapon of Zhanh He
  • Fencing Sword – a favorite weapon of Xu Shu
  • Emei Percers – favorite weapon of Wang Yi

The developer has also announced plans for another update to follow at a later date, which will also be the last update for Dynasty Warriors 9. The previous game update should then turn the following four NPCs into playable characters: Yuan Shu, Hua Xiong, Dong Bai and Xiahoujii.