dragon ball fighterz new 8 characters

Dragon Ball FighterZ already introduced 24 characters in the game. Yet, Bandai Namco concluded that gamers need to spend more in-game. By that, they pronounced new 8 fighters on the game’s roster.

The publisher is quiet about fresh characters. We can only assume about connection with DLC fighters already shown in the cartoon. Such as legendary Super Saiyan Broly and Goku’s father Bardock. DLC fighter’s roster can go up to 15.

There are also some speculations about superpowers of those fighters – according to Gematsu, Broly’s special is Gigantic Meteor, an enormous energy ball that uses three Ki gauges. Bardock’s special attack is called Revenger Assault – when activated, the warrior transforms into a Super Saiyan and delivers a rush attack.

New eight characters are included in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s season pass that costs 35$, without individual fighter’s pricing. If we know that critics gave really great reviews, this game will be even better with new improvements and names on the roster.

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