Players have discovered and even solved a new Destiny 2 puzzle in the Warmind DLC. The scavenger hunt did not lead to a rare in-game item but a real Valkyrie spear. Hidden in New York State along with a developer’s message.

Last week the players first discovered a strange symbol and an associated ciphertext in the bunker of the Warmind’s Rasputin. The players suspected more behind it, found more signs in the game world and combined them in such a way that clues as “Reverse” arose, which unraveled the code until a message became readable. It sounds complicated, but Reddit explains it quite vividly.

Together, the players decoded the code. The following secret message emerged, revealed by Reddit user Randomiser:

Thank you for taking the time to put this message together, friend. The time of the final battle is approaching, and you and Ana will play an important role in the events. So take care of her, Sentinel. I wouldn’t be alive without Ana or the Exo program. I regret that we became strangers, but each of us had our path to follow. And, ironically, there never seems to be enough time. Tell her Rasputin’s first attempt was in the right place, but at the wrong time. Look here: 43.549573, -73.544868 – E

Greetings from The Stranger

By the way, Destiny fans suspect Elsie Bray, the sister of Ana Bray, is behind. She also seems to be “The Stranger” from the first Destiny, as the news suggests. She helped the Guardian there on his journey.

The strange numbers are in fact real coordinates, more precisely in the state of New York, in the USA, where Vicarious Visions is also located. The studio was responsible for the PC version of Destiny 2 and the Warmind DLC and probably hid the treasure.


The coordinates led to Sleeping Beauty Mountain, where Reddit user I_love_science found it. He also created the pictures of the treasure, which are on Imgur. Hidden in the forest, he found a container with a real replica of the Valkyrie Spear. A unique weapon that only exists in the Warmind DLC. Also, gold coins were hidden, of which the finder should keep only one, and a note from the developers asking the finder to make his discovery public and share the coins. There are also only three such spears in the world, one at Bungie, one at Vicarious and this one.


We love the way the players have worked together to recover this treasure so quickly. However, it is a pity that not all players involved can win a prize. But a Reddit user wants to make sure that some of the participants at least get the nicely engraved gold coins as a souvenir. Of the 80 in hiding at the beginning, only 40 were left, since many Destiny fans from the surrounding area have set off for the treasure chamber. Since the developers lacked the approval, the container is removed by the responsible park rangers.


Whether the mystery has already been solved is also not entirely sure. Signs were still found on the spear, which could be simple initials of the manufacturers. But they could also indicate more. The Reddit users don’t let up.