The Second DLC expansion for Destiny 2 has been officially given a name, and release date buys Bungie. The content will be called “Warmind” and be released on May 8. In addition to this, they released an updated roadmap for content changes and enhancements as well.


This DLC will officially start season 3 of the game, and ad several new features that are highly requested by players including Private Matches in PvP Crucible, the ability to equip more emotes, and more in-game Storage. They are also releasing Seasonal Ranking with the PvP matches, another highly requested feature.

Bungie reports they will reveal more details and show the first looks at Warming on April 24th on a live stream. For this release, Bungie is also releasing the expansion PvP maps to the general rotation, allowing all players to play all maps. Private matches will still require the players to have the expansion that the Map was released for, but general matchmaking will allow all players to play all maps.

The ultimate Destiny 2 patch called the “Go Fast” patch was released at the end of March and brought many improvements to the game, and fans are hoping this next release will be even better.