Destiny 2 released patch 1.1.2 – “The one about Armor Masterworks” on January 30, 2018. This was an anticipated release for both hardcore Destiny 2 fans as well as more casual players as aside from the normal bug fixes. It adds new features to the game. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s look the changes from the patch notes.

Armor Masterworks

Here is what the notes say:

  • Legendary Armor now has a chance to drop as a Masterwork

  • Any non-Masterwork armor may be upgraded to Masterwork for five Masterwork Cores and 20 Legendary Shards

  • Upgrading to Masterwork may rework the stat of the armor

  • Masterwork armor grants 3% damage resistance while players are in a Superstate for each Masterwork armor piece equipped

  • Masterwork armor can have a different stat package (Heavy, Light, or Restorative) from the base armor piece

  • Players may rework Masterwork armor to randomly assign one of the three base packages to the armor, allowing players to reroll the stat packages on their armor piece by piece

  • Reworking Masterwork armor requires one Masterwork Core and 10 Legendary Shards

  • Like weapons, armor Masterworks have a higher drop rate from Trials of the Nine and raid activities

Legendary Armor

So what this means is that armor can now have extra cool little perks like weapons. Well, one extra perk. The extra armor while in super. I play Voidwalker and it affects me for 2 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes.

This does, however, allow for the armor to have different stat perks than it normally has. That is cool, but what if my armor already has the stat perks I want? Well, I know first hand that when you make a piece of armor masterwork, it can change them. Lost Restorative on my chest armor the first time I upgraded it. No light level increase with this or anything, just a golden border, a bit of armor when in super mode and a possibility of different perks.

This is not really a game-changing thing overall. Mostly just chase like ornaments really, but without the visual in-game effect.

Raid changes

The notes say:

  • Benedict 99-40 now has a rotating stock of armor and weapons available each week

  • To unlock these items for purchase, players must complete the corresponding activity that week

  • Raid encounters drop at least one armor or weapon item

  • Note: The Castellum and Reactor Escape encounters each drops one Legendary engram per week

  • Completing a Prestige version of a raid encounter prior to normal difficulty will drop both Prestige and normal rewards while also locking the weekly rewards for each activity

  • The last encounter of raid activities has a chance to drop a new Exotic Ghost, exclusive to the Leviathan

  • Raid armor has unique mods that only function within the Leviathan

  • Raid mods can be swapped at will for the cost of one raid token

  • Existing raid armor already held in inventory will automatically have the option to equip mods

  • All raid encounters now have a chance to grant an Exotic reward


They upgraded the raid vendor to be like the other vendors in a way with the stock you can buy. That is nice. The hard mode will drop both if you skipped normal is back from Destiny 1. That is an improvement that should already have been in the game, but at least it is there now.

The new ghost is cool and the raid armor powers are pretty cool too. The new raid armor effects include your super instantly recharging your grenade, melee kills increasing defense or damage, and weapon kills increasing said weapons damage for a bit.

Pretty neat stuff and encourages you to wear the raid armor in the raid. The raid ghost, however, has a perk that makes it pretty much the most wanted ghost right now. It gives you a chance to receive a Bright Engram after each Leviathan encounter completion.If you do not receive a Bright Engram, it increases the chances for the next encounter.

Iron Banner

This update has the return of the iron banner for season 2. It controls this time and is the first opportunity to earn the new Iron Banner armor ornaments as well as the first time the new pick your rewards system released a few months ago.

iron banner

I will probably play Iron banner, but still, miss when light level matter for it. If no PVP content is going to have light level modifications, why have a line on every mode telling you that light level advantage is disabled? Just to make sure you know?

Sandbox Updates

Bungie did a large number of what they call Sandbox Updates. Basically updates to the core systems and items in the game to fix bugs or tweak the functionality.  Some highlights include:

  • Fixing Prometheus Lens item that has been broken in one way or another from launch

  • Tweaks to how Heroic events on Mercury work

  • Reduced the reward throttle on Lost Sectors

  • Tweaking several Items perks

  • Fixed an issue where Three of Coins was not increasing chances for Exotic rewards when players were completing public events on Mercury (but not fixing them for heroic strikes…

  • Heroic strike completions now have a greater chance of granting Exotic rewards

These updates are all welcome changes. Bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Nothing really game changing but all good.



These are good changes for the fans who still play the game. But, I do not think there is anything here that will win back people who have already moved on. It will probably take another expansion release that goes off better than Osiris did. Until then, there will be a core group of players who play Destiny 2 regularly. Although, this release is not going to capture too many people who have stopped.


  1. Same thing is happening to all “bigger” games, for example, as World of Warcraft is. Players who came, played and saw what’s the game about and played it for a while are naturally moving to other games. New patches are nothing more than some minor game (“mind”) changes which probably serve to contain users for a bit longer.

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