Long time no word from Days Gone! After Sony announced in March that Bend Studio’s Open World game would no longer be released this year, but only in 2019, Game Informer magazine is finally releasing new information as part of its latest cover story.

Although we have to wait a little longer for the release of Days Gone, Creative Director John Garvin has already revealed the game time of the zombie game in an interview with GameInformer.

That’s how long the Days Gone story takes

According to Garvin, the campaign is mostly 30 hours long. Essentially, mind you. Because we repeatedly stumble into unexpected situations on our post-apocalyptic adventure, according to Garvin, we should be busy much longer with survival in Days Gone’s Open World than 30 hours of play.

“We’re playing Open World game, whose world is dangerous around the clock,” says Garvin. Means anything can happen at any time. So on the way to a mission, we can be attacked by a freaker (Days Gone’s term for the zombie). Or we run out of gas for our bike and have to continue on foot.

Elements such as weather, time of day or resources available to us also influence our zombie adventure – and can prolong it, depending on how (un)carefully and (un)prepared we strike our way through the game world.

Days Gone will be released exclusively for PS4 in 2019.