Not much is known about the new Call of Duty, except that it is called Black Ops 4 and is developed by Treyarch. A recent tweet of the studio could indicate the return of a favorite feature: The “Pick 10” system in multiplayer.

The system was introduced in Black Ops 2 and allows players to create a mainly free and individual loadout. Each player has ten points and can decide whether to spend them on weapons, perks or other equipment. For example, players were allowed to invest in more weapon power or extra perks but had to make cutbacks in other areas. In Advanced Warfare, Pick 13 system was a modified version.

Overwatch Bonds & Battle Royale Rumors

Even if CoD: WW2 just threw the feature overboard last year, the tweet could indicate that it is already returning. It could also suggest that the multiplayer is based on the earlier parts.

However, there were also indications for entirely different plans such as a multiplayer, which borrowed from Overwatch but was probably not well received by testers. Even around a Battle Royale mode and renouncement of the single player, there were already rumors – allegedly to the joy of the Battlefield makers. Maybe we can go back to the tried and tested after all? Or a combination of both?

We will learn more on May 17th when the new CoD offshoot will be presented in more detail. Black Ops 4 will be released on October 12th for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.