Chrono Trigger, one of the most beloved RPGs from the 16-bit era, has been remade a handful of tiles over the last few years and now is released on the Steam. From the PS1, Vita to the 3DS to the iPad. But until now, it was never on PC. Unfortunately, unlike the well done remake of Secret of Mana, fans are disappointed with it.

Chrono Trigger is an RPG game, released in 1995 by Square, now Square-Enix. It is a vast, time travel, fantasy game with a decent roster of characters you can have on your team who all have powers that can combine with others to make interesting attacks. It featured interactive environments where you saw the enemies, and rather than go to a battle screen, the turn-based battle elements simply dropped in when combat began. It boasted the ability to use New Game Plus, combined with time travel to see more than 10 different possible endings.

The game’s award-winning music was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, and the character design was done by Akira Toriyama, most famous for his long-running manga and anime, Dragon Ball.

Chrono Trigger is on almost every top list for RPGs, games for the Super Nintendo, games of the 16-bit generation and all-time greatest hits. It is a fantastic game.

The Steam release is basically a port of the mobile version which includes some extras not found in 1995 original such as 2 new dungeons, some animated cutscenes using the art and design from Famed anime and manga artist and writer Akira Toriyama and an autosave feature which are great. It also allows for larger widescreen resolutions.

However, it has some strange graphics filters over the whole game that was found on the mobile version as well that does not translate well to the larger PC screen, and the in-game menus are not the original, but the changed ones that were optimized for touch devices. The larger resolutions also are reportedly cutting off the edges of the screen and make the world looked more zoomed in than before.

Currently, the game is listed with mixed reviews on steam. If this is the only way you will get to play Chrono Trigger and you like RPG games similar to Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, you should get this game.

It is a masterpiece that stands the test of time with fun characters, great story, and strong replayability. It pretty much invented New Game Plus. However, if you have other Options available, it might be better to skip this version of Chrono Trigger for other platforms.

If you are not satisfied with this release, give it a shoot on a more modern RPG experience with Kingdom Come: Deliverance or the upcoming Cyberpunk:2077.


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