So far, there have been no new announcements from Activision, the developers of Call of Duty. But through an informant who sent images from GameStop’s system to CharlieIntel, everything concludes that there will be a sequel to the CoD: Black Ops series this year.

Last year Call of Duty WWII was announced in April, so we expect to know more about the new CoD game next month at the latest. So far there have been a lot of rumors about Black Ops 4. Another indicator for Black Ops 4 is that Treyarch will develop the game, which developed the previous Black Ops parts.

The previous Call of Duty WWII was developed by Sledgehammer Games and CoD Infinity Warfare was developed by Infinity Wards. It is very likely that Treyarch will stick to their past games.

In a tweet, David J. Vonderhaar, a Treyarch employee, emphasized that the Treyarch team would “do the best work of their life”. So it sounds like we might be getting ready for a pretty epic game.

Let’s hope that it won’t be like the last title of Call of Duty – WWII, which was not only full of bugs at the start, but also got more and more bugs in the game due to new updates.