It is an open secret that a new battlefield will await us in October this year. However, it is not yet known precisely how it is called and which scenario is offered. Fans recently deciphered a slightly sophisticated Easter Egg on the Battlefield 1 map called Fort Vaux.

It led to a secret website that only showed #battlefield next to the date May 23. So it seems very likely that on this day we will finally get more information about the upcoming Battlefield 2018.

After the community has solved this puzzle, the developers use the moment on the official Twitter account and publish more Morse codes. Unfortunately, new contents do not disclose them. The message translated is:

Good work, but this is only the beginning. The battlefield will never be the same.


It won’t be long before May 23rd. Should EA consult the Morse code again until then, we will keep you informed.

According to the rumors so far, with the upcoming offshoot, either a scenario in the Second World War or a new part of the famous Bad Company series awaits us. None of these assumptions have yet been officially confirmed.

So far it is known that besides the necessary multiplayer part also a single player mode will be on board again. Rumors of a possible Battle Royale mode have not yet been confirmed.