For some time the new console from Atari was on the road under the name “Ataribox”. However, for a few days now it has been operating under the new name “Atari VCS”. Here you get the first insights into the new console from Atari.

Atari – First flop now on the top?

Ancient players surely know the Atari 2600 game console and old retro games like Asteroid. They warn with one of the first developers for consoles. With the Atari 2600, they could land a real hit in 1977. This makes Atari especially popular among the older gamblers. But by 2013 at the latest, this success story was over.

Atari went bankrupt and there was almost no sign of life from the former giant. Thereupon Atari found a new owner, who tried to breathe more life into the old brand. In the meantime, there was also a dispute and charges against Atari because they did not abide by treaties.

Old games for the new console?

It has been known for some time that Atari is working on a completely new console, which like the Xbox One and PS4 is not only a pure game console, but should also offer entertainment.

Old classic games like Pong, Asteroid or Missile Command will be reimposed and made ready for the Atari VCS. The only question is: Are these old games really enough to make the Atari VCS successful? The 1993 Atari Jaguar game console failed because there were not enough good games. Could this also be the fate of Atari’s new console?


We are in a completely new era of gaming, in which virtual reality is finding more enthusiasm among the players. Atari currently owns the rights to 200 games – including of course almost exclusively retro games.

When will the Atari VCS be launched?

It all boils down to the Atari VCS being released in autumn 2018. How many games will be ready to play before the release is not known yet? So far it is only certain that the Atari VCS will run on Linux.

On the pictures, you can see that the new console has an HMDI connector, 4x USB ports, as well as a LAN cable input. In addition, a specially designed AMD processor with Radeon graphics card should be installed. More detailed information on the process and other specifications are not yet known.

More information can be found on the official website of Atari VCS.


  1. I am not one to support a company that PRETENDS to be Atari (Atari of today is actually Infogrames) and is responsible for games like Alone in the Dark Illumination.

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