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Persona 5 is really fun. Strolling through Tokyo, making decisions for your character, completing missions and all in a pretty cool style. Fascinating music and a magnificent atmosphere adorn the game. In our opinion Persona 5 is the RPG of the year 2017.

If you haven’t played Persona 5 yet or have already started playing, but want to get more out of the game, you should definitely take a look at our guide. With these tips and tricks, you will not only improve your performance in the game, but it will also be much more fun.

Begin the missions in time and observe the deadline

Whoever has at least started the first mission two or one days before the deadline to begin the mission in the palace, should make sure that he doesn’t waste his time. Why? Some missions take days to complete. But as soon as the deadline is reached, a dream appears at night and the game is Game Over. For example, the first mission in Kamoshida’s palace will require you to start three days before. If you’ve waited until the last minute and it’s already too late – and you’ve only used one memory slot, then the next tip is just for you.


Use as many memory slots as possible

To avoid possible problems and wrong decisions, which cannot be undone later. Not only should you save as many times as possible, but also use many different slots. You’re much more flexible that way. Just load the score you want and start again from there.

The “Safe” difficulty level

The game is for anyone who is only interested in the story around Persona 5. Not only will you never go game over, but you’ll also get more money, more experience points and more after fighting. It really makes a big difference to the other levels. But be warned: If you choose the easiest difficulty level, you cannot undo this decision. So be aware of that.

If you are on a mission, press L1 as often as possible

That way you can find out how strong the enemies are. The enemies have different colors: red, yellow or green. Red is strongest, yellow is medium and green is weak. You can also find useful items in vases, bookshelves, etc. that would not normally be visible.

See what the other players are up to

If you have activated online use, you can see what other players have done before or in the missions. How many of the players started the mission directly, how many players improved the relationship with another character and so on. This will give you a quick overview of what you might want to do.

persona_5 tricks

Negotiate with your enemies

You can either receive valuable items from them, a lot of money or they will flow to you. You can decide that depending on what you want to have. So it is not recommended to simply eliminate the enemies. The most effective way is to receive the persona of your enemies and then merge them later. It makes you stronger and stronger.

Merge the Personas

As soon as you reach a new level. This will make you even stronger in fights because the higher ranking personas have better attributes and can add more damage to your opponent. During the first mission in Kamoshida’s palace, you will have the opportunity to visit Igor at any time. Just go to Shibuya to the shopping street in front of the gun store. A blue portal is visible, which you can enter and leave at any time. There you can register, create or merge persona.

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