Hearthstone Year of The Raven Guide New Cards, Expansions, Release Date

Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven soaring in soon. Blizzard has announced the next cycle for Hearthstone, Year of the Raven. This will have some big changes to the game when it goes live later this year. The last year, Year of the Mammoth, started in April of 2017, so it is a safe bet that the Year of the Raven will end up getting started about the same general time. The year will kick off with a still unannounced expansion release, and will overall contain 3 expansions.


When the year of the Raven hits, there will be some big changes to the standard format of the game. The cards three expansions from The Year of the Kraken started in 2016, will no longer be part of the standard format and only usable in the Wild format.

This means that the following three expansions are no longer part of Standard. Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. This will see many different popular deck types moving to wild including one of my favorites, the Jade Druid deck.

In addition to these three expansions moving to wild, three cards from the core set are also moving to the “Hall of fame” and are no longer available for standard format play. They are the mage secret Ice block, and the two Neutral Minions Cold Light Oracle, and Molten Giant. Interestingly, the Molten Giant is going to the hall of fame with his original cost.

In a recent patch, it was changed to cost 5 more to 25, but the hall of fame version will cost 20. As the previous hall of fame actions, Blizzard will let you keep the card, but give you the dust to craft new cards as if you had disenchanted it, which is nice of them.


There are a few other changes going into the game as well. There will be a new hero avatar, the Druid Lunara. She is unlockable by winning 10 standard format matches. Another change is the ability to host and maintain Fireside Gatherings, Hearthstone’s tournament format, from within the application itself making it easier for locations to host and run them.

It is expected that next week the new expansion set will be revealed along with the release date, and once this day comes, the Year of the Raven will be live so preparing yourself and your decks for the new meta!

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Watch the Blizzard’s Year of the Raven reveal here:


  1. Good guide. I’m hearthstone’s fan from the beginning. Really looking forward to play more in the year of the raven.

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