fifa 18

You don’t have to be a professional FIFA player to realize that especially in this part of FIFA more goals are scored than in all the other parts before. After the release of FIFA 18, it was so ridiculous that in some games, it was often more than 10 goals. Results like 9-2 or 8-4 were not uncommon but completely normal. With some FIFA updates, however, the goalkeeper’s AI is said to have improved and defending has also become easier. Since the latest update 1.08, the “Kick-Off-Glitch” has been fixed.

But what about the goalkeepers? Why does it seem to us that it doesn’t matter if you have Manuel Neuer or a bronze player in the goal? Why are there so many goals?

Even world-class goalkeepers like Neuer or de Gea seem to have the skills of an amateur goalkeeper at FIFA 18. Balls are fended off curiously, the goalkeepers’ positional play is amateurish and even seemingly unrealistic shots go far too often into the goal. It doesn’t matter how many times a goal is scored, whether it’s an angled or weak shot. For example, gates such as distance shots or shots often pass through, which are fired with the outer crest from a sharp angle into the long corner. In the former sections, such as FIFA 11 and 12, it was easy to score goals by shooting into the long corner from a short distance. This was still realistic because it is often the case that such goals happen in real games. But if every shot from 16-25 meters into the angle strikes has little to do with realism.

Is it worth buying a Manuel Neuer, de Gea or other world-class goalkeepers?

Absolutely not. For example, anyone who spends 130,000 coins or more on Manuel Neuer has officially wasted his coins. Just do the self-test. Put a world-class goalkeeper between the posts for some games and then put a cheap silver player like Drobny von Werder Bremen in the goal. The only difference you’ll notice is that the Silver Player will prevent more goals than the World Class Keeper. Never before in a FIFA match has it made less difference whether you have a very strong goalkeeper in your box or a very weak one. Gates fall to anyway on either side. Whoever has played a few games knows. Five shots on the goal and three goals. Eight shots on the goal and five goals. Looks like a bad joke at first glance, but is, unfortunately, the reality or the current gameplay.

Why are there so many goals?


This question was not only discussed in our forums but also on Facebook, Reddit, and other forums. The main reason for the many goals is probably a very simple one: A game in which no goals are scored is less fun than a game in which many goals are scored. As simple as this explanation may sound, it doesn’t seem untrue. If every match ended in 1-1 or 0-0, FIFA 18 would disappear into the cupboard faster than EA would like.

Anyone who thinks that many goals fall by chance is clearly wrong.

More goals mean the desire for better gold players (for example, a better goalkeeper or striker). The desire for better gold players means that more money will be spent on FIFA Points, opening up gold packs where these better gold players are supposed to be (that’s what the FIFA players hope). If you think about it for a moment, you will understand how they work here. In the final analysis, everything (the entire gameplay) means that FIFA players are supposed to spend even more money.

But that’s far from it…..

At the same time, something else is happening. Those who have not yet understood this should now pay close attention; as mentioned above will create a desire to get the FIFA player to spend even more money on FIFA Points. This happens, as mentioned above, because of bad goalkeepers (better goalkeeper less conceding goals), bad defending behavior (better defenders less conceding goals) and the need to score more goals (better strikers more goals).  What does EA do now? They are publishing more and more special maps. TOTY, TOTW, MOTM, Halloween, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day and much more. There are almost special cards in every conceivable color. That’s how they feed the FIFA players, after whom they have given them the desire to get even better players. That’s not it, though. With game modes such as FUT Champions or the Squad Building Challenges, the importance of the quality and number of player cards is significantly increased. So, of course, your chances of winning the Weekend League will increase if you have a team full of FUT icons.


What about microtransactions in general?

Something amazing has happened in recent years. Micro-transactions, Pay-To-Win and Free-To-Play have secretly taken over almost every online game. Also, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was just a test of Electronic Arts to see how far you can go. Whoever thinks that things will get better after some unrest around SWBF1 is far from it.

Just look at how much money is generated by publishers like EA or Supercell through micro-transactions. For example, according to Business Insider, Supercell has generated approximately 2.1 billion euros in profit in 2016 – well said with a game that can be downloaded for free. That alone should make you think.

How do we get out of this number?

For our part, the solution is simple: don’t spend your money on FIFA Points or any other in-game currency. As a player, we have the power to decide how successful a game is. If no one will buy FIFA anymore, consequences will follow sooner than you think.