FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018 Comparison

When it comes to football simulations for the PC and game consoles, there is no discussion of which game is better: FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. Also in the newest part of these two rivals, the fans got their hair down. But what about the two games? We don’t want to talk too much about graphics or micro-transactions, but rather about the gameplay and the all around.

Pro Evolution Soccer could gain ground

PES 2018 was released much earlier than FIFA 18 and more than two weeks earlier, football fans were able to play the full version of the new part of the Japanese developer Konami. As a result, many FIFA fans who couldn’t wait until 28 September decided to test their direct rivals. While some have stayed at PES 2018, many players have returned to Electronic Arts FIFA 18. However, Konami was able to gain some ground with the new part. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has received better ratings than FIFA 18 due to its great graphics and solid gameplay, which is missing in the latest FIFA parts.


Both have their strengths and weaknesses

While the main point of criticism at Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is the lack of licenses, FIFA 18 once again has serious bugs in gameplay this year. In the meantime, EA had to release countless patches, which changed almost the entire gameplay. FIFA 18 has little to do with the gameplay of the demo and release date version. Especially the bad goalkeepers and the strong distance shots had to be fixed. Defending at both FIFA 18 and PES 18 left a lot to be desired. While there were only mistakes in the choice of players in PES 18, FIFA 18 was much more concerned with the AI itself, which led to concedes. The Pro Club mode is still virtually unplayable and more and more patches are being released to fix bugs.

EA was able to convince with some new leagues, an improved career mode, several expansions at Ultimate Team and a second part in the story mode “The Journey”. This year, they have increasingly focused on eSports and made the FUT 18 mode even more competitive, and a viewer mode has been added. However, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 there was little innovation. The game is much more characterized by the gameplay than by the game modes themselves.

fifa 2018

Exclusive partnerships with popular teams

In addition to Borussia D., Konami has also entered into partnerships with world-renowned teams such as FC Barcelona. This, of course, increases the reputation and popularity of the game immensely. For example, there was a Borussia Dortmund special edition of the game. Here Konami tries to score points with popular teams. This works very well via the social networks. There was also an exclusive partnership with marketing and gaming legend David Beckham.

FIFA increasingly relies on individual players

EA, on the other hand, tries to score points with a single player. In every popular league in the world, they have visited clubs such as PSG, Bayern Munich, Arsenal or Real Madrid and shot some clips with the popular players. Players hold up their special cards, guess the ratings from their fellow players or simply play a round of FIFA 18 against each other.

Here you can also see how Konami and EA compete for the clubs and players, which they then use for marketing purposes.

Licenses the decisive argument

FIFA 18 has a decisive advantage that changes everything. This advantage is stronger than the best gameplay or marketing strategy. A football game without the original player and club names, jerseys, and coats of arms is much less fun and deters the normal player. Fans of PES 18 know that this can easily be fixed by the editor and option files, but the normal buyer has no clue how this works. This licensing argument is the only reason why PES loses out every year. Here too, we need to question why there are “exclusive licenses”. Why is it that millions of players decide which company is allowed to have the rights and licenses, and which is not. Who is this person, who decides which game of the two is better or has earned the licenses and which not? One thing is certain: it provides a good basis for bribery and corruption.

That’s why we say: Licenses for everyone! It’s simply ridiculous that Electronic Arts can fail after another because of “exclusive” licenses. Not only that, but they also use these exclusive licenses to cheerfully take money out of the pockets of young people and children by developing a game of chance with FIFA points and gold packs. Here, American consumer protection should not only take a closer look at Electronic Arts but also at the DFL, which distributed the licenses.


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