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Fortnite V-Bucks Hack: A Huge Advantage For All Battle Royale Players

fortnite free v-bucks hack for mobile and pc

The game of the year is a Fortnite Battle Royale. There are already over 30 million players worldwide, and the number is increasing daily. The game is available for almost every platform, and you can download it for free. But of course, there is an in-game currency in the form of V-Bucks, with which you can quickly gain an advantage in the battle.

With the V-Bucks, you can purchase better weapons and armor. However, they are not cheap. If you decide to buy it directly through the game, you can easily spend a lot of real money. Fortunately, you can use now Fortnite hack to generate free V-Bucks. The hack is easy to use and completely free of charge. So far the hack has helped thousands of Fortnite players playing on PS4, PC, Xbox One and their Smartphones with free V-Bucks. Now, you can top up your Fortnite account with the millions of V-Bucks in a matter of minutes!

How to Use the Hack?

  1. Enter your username for the Fortnite.
  2. Choose the platform on which you play.
  3. Click on “Connect.”
  4. Determine how many V-Bucks you want.
  5. Click on “Generate.”
  6. Complete a survey to unlock your V-Bucks.
  7. Dominate Fortnite Battle Royale with unlimited in-game cash!


How Does it Work With the Survey?

Afraid of being banned? You don’t have to worry about that at all! The Fortnite Battle Royale hack comes with an anti-ban/kick script. The generator works with private and anonymous proxies and, therefore, hides your IP address. In that case, the game system will never know you are using a hack for Fortnite Battle Royale. There is no safe way to use Fortnite cheats anywhere else!

It Works!

After successful use of the Fortnite hack app, the V-Bucks will be added directly to your Battle Royale account. First, you have to complete a survey, which is entirely free of charge. Here, you can use the Fortnite Cheats for free and efficiently from your mobile phone or PC. The hack supports the operating systems such as Android and iOS, as well as an operating system for the PC.

Of course, the Fortnite V-Bucks hack can help you to achieve much better results in the game. All that you can accomplish by just buying the best weapons with the generated V-Bucks. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you, but remember that many players have used it before. We highly recommend this V-Bucks hack for Fortnite to any player who wants to climb to the top of the rankings.



Last year the Battle Royale was made famous by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. Many other offshoots of the genre have joined the hype. Although, most of them are only cheap imitations of PUBG. Fortnite, however, has embraced the genre and perfected it with a unique note. It is not just a pure shooter but a shooter with components. A shooter that meets Minecraft, you might say. In Fortnite Battle Royale you land on an island with 99 other online players. The goal is to be the only survivor in the end. Use the only working Fortnite V-Bucks hack to win any in the match with ease now. You can achieve the easy win by merely killing other players with firearms and melee weapons.

You can also choose violence, leave the fighting to others and hide somewhere. During the game, the size of the map decreases from time to time. If you’re outside the combat area, it’s game over. For that reason, use the Fortnite hack to prevent this from happening. The hack makes the game more exciting. You can’t just camp somewhere and expect to win. You have to continually move and watch out your back not to be seen by other players.


Be Aggressive is the Best Tactic to Survive

It is the most important thing you can do to improve your skills in Fortnite, and it is also what most beginners avoid. In a game where survival is the goal, it may seem wrong to be aggressive. However, the key to survival is knowing how to beat your enemies in a fight. The more combats you win, the more practice you get. The more practice you get, the more deadly you become. When you hear shots, go for them. If you see an opponent nearby, talk to him. Be aggressive, seek combat and become an efficient fighter. Only this way, you will get far in the game. It won’t help if you run away from the fights over and over again. But if you always practice the combat, you will improve your skills and become so much better.

Perfect Healing System

fortnite maximum health and shieldHealth is the green bar at the very bottom of the screen. Players start the game with the maximum health of 100. Their shield is the blue bar just above the health bar, and players begin from zero. The only way to get a shield is to loot potions or Slurp juices from the Supply Drops, Chests, and Supply Llamas. When you take damage from an enemy, use shields before you lose all your health. Shields do not protect against fall damage or storm damage, so pay close attention to your health bars and make sure others do not use any Fortnite hack. If they use it and you’re not – you are in big troubles!

It is important to remember that players will NOT RECOVER over time. Instead, you need to find one of four elements that can help you regain your health or get a shield. Understanding how all of them work is beneficial. First, there are bandages. Each bandage will give back 15 health but heal over 75 health. To get over 75, you need a medkit or a Slurp juice, which you also get through Fortnite cheat. One medkit will always bring you back to 100 HP, no matter how low your health. When you use a Slurp juice, you receive one health point and one shiled point per second for 25 seconds. After all, the shield potions grant 50 shields immediately, but do not affect your health. Take time to understand and master this system so that you can heal your game character efficiently and effectively.


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