Watch out for Dynasty Warriors fans. For the new part Dynasty Warriors 9, it hails bad ratings. For critics of the game, it is found food. One could have expected that it would only get better after the release of Dynasty Warriors 7, but since then something seems to have happened to the developers. Anyone who has already watched reviews and videos about Dynasty Warriors 9 will know what we mean. Some videos summarize the key points quite well.

This also applies to the Digital Foundry team, which put the game through its paces. The same on both versions of the game for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The results are quite shocking for true fans of the game. Games released in the year 2018 should never run at 20 FPS. What’s the point of high-end game consoles when a new game is running at the level of Nintendo 64? Whatever the developers may have thought – it’s wrong.

Click here for the Digital Foundry video:

You might think that the developers must have been pretty lazy and had “the fast money” in their sights. In the game, there are practically no innovations, no innovations or the like. Not only that it runs at very low frames per second, but the gameplay itself.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading your console because of Dynasty Warriors, you should forget about it. In exaggerated terms, you can also play the game with a banana. It is not worthy of the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. Of course, some patches and upgrades can fix these problems, but if the developers are already releasing such a game, we strongly doubt they will.

True followers of Dynasty Warriors should not have too high expectations. It would also not be worth paying the full price for the game. Wait until there is a deal in the PlayStation Store or any other store. Otherwise, do yourselves a favor and save the 50$.


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