No classic campaign, but zombies, multiplayer focus, and Battle Royale mode: Treyarch bursts the Black Ops 4 bomb. GamingFront summarize all information for you!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 12, 2018, at the big Reveal event in Los Angeles, California. So much to start with. In Black Ops 4 everything remains different. A courageous mix of evolution and revolution of the favorite action game.

Specialists on the Road

No wall runs! No jet jumps! Instead, comprehensible weapon setback, health injections and the return of specialists – Treyarch sets a clear signal against genre trends and provides fan service. However, there is no classic single-player campaign. All the signs point to multiplayer. The specialists – i.e., the classes – play a leading role and should be positioned as heroes in their missions.


The selection of specialists gives hope for more tactical depth and is almost reminiscent of titles like Rainbow Six or Overwatch. Faceless soldiers are a thing of the past. Specialists have charisma and big guns. At the same time, they promote team play and the strategic component. The Recon, for example, makes enemies visible through walls and thus makes the fight more accessible for its comrades. Ruin attracts enemies and objects with a grapple gun. This, in turn, allows for quick attacks, as you can bridge longer distances as fast as a whistle.

Weapon Design and Medics

The Medic, on the other hand, occupies a particular position. In Black Ops 4, your characters won’t heal themselves anymore. Instead, like in Far Cry 5, you can treat your wounds at the touch of a button. In the game, your avatar then rams a syringe in his arms. It adds the component to the gameplay. There are no longer any pauses. Instead, you actively include the use of a media kit in your offensive efforts. The Medic, in turn, provides you with additional assault packs to help you in the field.


Besides, the weapons themselves receive more attention. Treyarch says he develops them as if they were his characters. Thanks to the new non-return model, the handling of each gun is to be learned and thus improved. Also, the shooters have own modifications such as visors, grenade launchers, and special abilities. Bullets leave holes in walls, and of course, wooden barricades are not a safe cover for a long time so that you can shoot through them without problems. Black Ops 4 also introduces the Fog of War, known from real-time strategy games. That is to say: If you make noise, your opponent can see you on the radar.

Time Travel and Zombies

Treyarch designs Black Ops 4 with the PC community in mind. The development is in the hands of the Beenox team. The online battles run on Blizzard’s servers – including all social functions such as chats and friends lists. Of course, the game also offers multi-monitor support, HDR, uncapped frame rate, and 4K support.


In addition to competitive multiplayer and league play, Black Ops 4 will be launched with three episodes of the Zombies mode. However, regular content updates you can expect from the start. There is currently no information about a possible season pass. Zombies offer an alternative storyline to its predecessors. Four unintentionally thrown together warhorses fight against the machinations of an ancient order, which conjure up the curse of the undead with the help of an artifact.

The Highlight of the Plot

Black Ops 4 travels with you through time. As a result, the developers enjoy the freedom, and that’s what the first trailers already prove. In Voyage of Despair, for example, the quartet takes to the Titanic, in IX, on the other hand, to the gladiator arenas of ancient Rome. In ancient times, heroes on the sinking ship also use firearms, but in ancient times they used daggers, shields, and swords. Zombies may even be able to do without guns at times. Finally, the third episode is entitled Blood of the Dead.


For maximum variety, there are the so-called zombies’ mutations. You can use them to adjust the enemies that appear, their speed, the damage they do, and other factors. The so-called Stamp System is implemented, with the help of which the performance of the players should be comparable. And thanks to Bot Support, the fight against most bags continues even when your friends don’t have time. Apart from the three episodes, Zombies Rush is also an interesting variation in between.

Call of Duty Relies on Battle Royale

Activision and Treyarch can’t ignore Fortnite, Playerunknown’s Battleground, and the current Battle Royale hype either. And so you follow with Blackout! However, the survival mode is not intended to become a copy of the models mentioned, but rather to have its twist. For this purpose, for example, famous characters from previous offshoots appear as heroes. According to Treyarch, the map will be 1500 times larger than Nuketown and will offer land, water, and air vehicles. Blackout is an explicit declaration of war to the genre kings and is for many a reason to buy Black Ops 4.



Not a classic campaign! We have to let these statements sink in for a while. Treyarch takes a new path with Black Ops 4 and follows the wishes of its community. They want more multiplayer, more zombies and of course a Battle Royale mode. Is Treyarch taking the path of least resistance or taking an immense risk? The fact is that Black Ops became more and more an online shooter and the fourth part could become the logical consequence.

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Ultimately, the game offers everything that is currently large and modern. However, Black Ops 4 has to prove what gameplay you will get to support it with your gaming mouse and keyboard.