Best Snow shovels in 2021

Snow is pure and clean, yet when it piles up and makes the roads slick it becomes enemy number 1. Everyone can have fun in the snow but when you have to shovel it and clean the driveway, the fun is not to be found. That is where one of the top 12 best snow shovels in 2021 comes in handy.

They help you move a lot of snow quickly. This means you can get through your work fast and return to the fun a fresh snowfall brings with it A good snow shovel makes snow cleaning tasks easier to do so you have more time for more important activities. Go with the best so your positive love for snow does not turn into a negative attitude.

Checkout Best Snow shovels in 2021

12. CASL Brands Collapsible Emergency Utility Snow Shovel


Sometimes snowstorms hit quickly and without notice. That is why it is handy to have this emergency snow shovel on hand. You can dig yourself out of trouble in no time. Plus, it collapses so it can be stored in your car’s trunk.

Made from aluminum, the shovel is not that heavy. Its construction material does not sacrifice durability for its lightweight. It will still move a lot of snow when you need it to. The shovel’s head measures 8 by 11 inches. More than big enough for your snow removal tasks.

Also, when you do not need it, it will break down into 3 separate pieces. This makes keeping it in your car simple and easy. Just break it down and toss it into your trunk for the next time. The handle measures approx. 32 inches long.

11. KAMINUO Portable Aluminum Car Snow Shovel


You won’t lose this bright yellow colored snow shovel anywhere. It is so bright you might mistake it for the sun. Once you get past the brightness of its color, you should still remove a lot of snow from your sidewalks.

The head measures about 11 by 9 inches in size and it can hold a lot of snow at one time. Plus, the handle can shrink. It is made to move from 25 to 32 inches in size. That allows any person to use it easily despite their stature.

On top of that, if you need to take it with you, just shrink its size and put it in the trunk of your car. It should store nice and easily there. Made from an aluminum alloy, you get strength, durability, and lightweight. Your arms shouldn’t get tired of holding this snow shovel.

10. ELIVERN Folding Snow Shovel


Having a snow shovel that folds up comes in handy. You can put it anywhere in your car and have it available when you need it. If you see another motorist stuck in the snow, a couple of flicks of the wrist and you can help dig them out.

The shovel will go from 9 inches to 26 in no time at all. Plus, its shovel head measures 9 by 11 inches in size. That means you can get a trapped motorist free quickly. When you are done, it folds up just as quickly.

Made from durable aluminum you have a strong shovel that does not weigh a lot. Moving snow will be a lot easier. Then the special D grip protects your hands as you work,. It also gives you lots of spaces to hold on to.

9. COFIT Extra Long Handle Retractable Snow Shovel


This is a shovel made for those men and women who are tall. Its 43-inch length allows you to shovel snow without hurting your back or putting too much strain on it. Then if you are not that tall, the handle can contract and still be comfortable to use.

Once you get the shovel into the snow it can lift up to 90 pounds at a time. That helps you get your sidewalk clearing task done quickly. Not bad for a shovel that weighs less than a pound and a half.

Then if you do not need the middle section, it will detach giving you 15 fewer inches to work with. A convenient carry case is included in your purchase. This helps you stay organized and not lose any pieces. A tough coating protects your shovel from damage, etc.

8. OBOSOE Emergency Folding Snow Shovel


When it snows, emergencies do take place. That is why you need a telescoping shovel in your car. It stores nice and easily and is ready to work when you are caught in an emergency. The D handle is designed to protect your hands from fatigue as well as keep it comfortable.

Made with an aluminum alloy and other strong materials, this emergency shovel should last you a long time. Plus, when it is not needed it folds up nice and small. It goes from 26 inches to 13 and back again in a flash.

Its large shovel head should make short work of any emergency you encounter as you drive around the city streets. If you do not want it in your car, then you can hang it up by its D handle until you need to use it again.

7. Pinty Aluminum Lightweight Utility Shovel


A good shovel is versatile. This utility shovel’s main purpose is to tackle your snow problem. When there is no snow you can use it for a variety of different tasks. With its large 11 by 8 shovelhead, you can move a lot of snow or whatever with each swing.

Plus, its aluminum construction material keeps the weight to below 2 pounds. This is good news for those who have a lot of shoveling to do. In addition to that, you can shorten or lengthen the handle to fit your body size or space needs.

It can lengthen or shorten anywhere between 26 to 32 inches in length. The rust-resistant materials make sure that corrosion doe snot harm this shovel for many years to come. It should also be strong enough to withstand bending etc.

6. ORIENTOOLS Emergency Snow Shovel


It may not look like much but this adjustable shovel can handle lots of snow. It can adjust between 19 and 24 inches and it stays ready to move snow all season long. Because it can adjust doe snot mean it is not durable or strong.

Made from aluminum this snow shovel should last yo more than one or two seasons. When you do not need it a push of a couple of buttons makes it short enough to store in your trunk.

After you pull it out to use, the shovel can be placed in one of 7 different positions. You can find your shoveling sweet spot in no time and get your work done quickly. Weighing only about 1 pound, this shovel should still not bend even if you put a lot of weight on it.

5. ORIENTOOLS Folding Snow Shovel


The D grip handle design on this snow shovel should give you lots of leverage and space to maneuver. Plus, it is designed to keep your hands comfortable as you work. After you unfold it you get over 20 inches of the handle to make sure you do not miss any snow as you work.

Also, the 9-inch width and 11 inches of length on this shovelhead capture a lot of snow with every stroke. Once you get going you can change the position of the handle to make sure it gets to all the snow. It can be locked straight in place or at a 90-degree angle.

Then when you do not need it, you can fold it up and store it in a box or the trunk of your car. Or you can hang it up by its handle. It is your choice.

4. Ohuhu 2-in-1 Snow Shovel & Ice Scraper


Just because you have shoveled all the snow off your walk or driveway does it mean that you are finished with your snow clearing duties. There is still the ice that has formed under the snow. This 2 1 snow shovel, can tackle the ice as well.

All you have to do is remove the shovel head and put the ice breaker attachment on instead. This tool should save you time and money as you do not have to buy another tool to use.

The D grip is designed to work with you and keep your hands free from pain, etc. Plus, your back will like it as the handle reaches up to 5 1/2 feet long. Its weight capacity is 33 pounds. If you do not go beyond that, your efforts and its rust-resistant design will have the shovel lasting for years.

3. ORIENTOOLS Snow Shovel


The nice blue color of the shovel head is attractive but that beauty does not take away any snow removal capabilities. You will be able to remove a lot of snow. Weighing only about 1 pound, it can pick up 70 pounds of snow at one time without complaining.

The aluminum construction material protects the shovel from rust, bending, and breaking. With the right care, you shouldn’t have to buy another snow shovel. To get it to the right length for you, you just have to manipulate the smart lock system.

A click of the button adjusts the shovel and helps you break it down into 3 easy to store parts. Once you get it down to size, you should be able to place it in your car, its trunk or you can hang it up in your garage. How you store it is up to you.

2. Hopkins 17211 SubZero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel


Once you bring this snow shovel home your kids should not complain that it is too short or too long to handle their snow clearing chores. The handle adjusts to fit a variety of sized users as well as make their snow clearing job go smoothly.

The handle can extend up to 37 inches long making it a very convenient shovel to use. Plus, the 9 1/2 inch wide shovel head lets a lot of snow get on board with each shovel full. Moving snow will go quickly when this emergency shovel is on the job.

Then the D shaped handle is easy to hold. Plus it is made so that your hand will be comfortable as you work. It should be large enough for most hands to grab on to. The soft grip keeps your concentration on what you are doing and not on your hands.

1. Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel


The orange color keeps you visible even in low light conditions. You can be shoveling at the side of the road or your car and still be seen because drivers will see the orange shovel. You also won’t lose the shovel when you need to find it. It does stand out.

Then when you get into tight spots, you can adjust the length of the handle and lower it from 32 inches to 26 inches. That allows you to keep working and get your job done without delay.

Made from aluminum this lightweight shovel is easy to use and your arms should not get that tired. You can also carry it when you go camping or hiking. A good shovel can help you out as you spend time in nature. It weighs under 2 pounds and stores nicely and easily.


Clearing snow has always been a hassle. Either the shovels are too long or too short. Or they are not strong enough. Those problems are solved with one of the top 12 best snow shovels in 2021.

These shovels are made to handle a lot of weight as well as adjust to the size of the user. When you use the best even the most difficult chores become easy.

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