With the advancement of technology, the usage of smartphones while riding has become a necessity. There are various useful apps available that show you the path to the destination, the direction, the condition of the road, and much more.

Moreover, you may have to talk important calls, and it is not safe to ride while attending your phone. That is why there are motorcycle phone mounts to hold your phone safely and securely. The following is the list of the top 15 best motorcycle phone mounts.

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ILM Upgraded Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount Aluminum Bicycle Cell Phone Holder Accessories Fits iPhone X Xs 7 7 Plus 8 8 Plus iPhone 6s 6s Plus Galaxy S7 S6 S5 Holds Phones up to 3.7
$19.99$24.99 (20% off)
Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - For iPhone 11 (Xs, Xr, X, 8, Plus/Max), Samsung Galaxy S10 or any Cell Phone - Universal Handlebar Holder for ATV, Bicycle or Motorbike. +100 to Safeness & Comfort
RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base
Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone: iPhone X 8 7 6 5 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S7 S6 S5 S4 Edge, Nexus, Nokia, LG. Motorcycle, Bicycle Phone Mount. Mountain Bike Mount. Bike Accessories.
Bike Mount, IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle Compatible with iPhone 6 6(+) 6S 6S plus 5S 5C, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 Note 3/4/5,Nexus,HTC,LG,BlackBerry
$9.99$11.76 (15% off)
Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - The Only Unbreakable Handlebar Holder for iPhone, Samsung or Any Other Smartphone | +100 to Safeness & Comfort
Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Bike Mount - for Motorcycle, Handlebar, Roll Bar, iPhone X Xs 7 6 6s 7 Plus 5 5s 5c Bike Mount for All Android Smartphones, and GPS Holder (Black/Black)
Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - for iPhone 11 Pro (Xs, Xr, 8, Plus/Max), Galaxy s10 or Any Cell Phone - Universal Handlebar Holder for ATV, Bicycle & Motorbike. +100 to Safeness & Comfort
Vibrelli Bike Phone Mount - Fits Any Smart Phone: iPhone 11, XS, Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, Galaxy, Pixel, and Android devices
Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle - Bike Handlebars, Adjustable, Fits iPhone 11, X, XR, 8 | 8 Plus, 7 | 7 Plus, 6s Plus | Galaxy, S10, S9, S8, Holds Phones Up to 3.5
$16.98$29.98 (43% off)

15. Bike Phone Holder by Tackform Solutions

15.Bike-Phone-Holder-and-GoPro-Mount-for-Motorcycle-by-Tackform-Fits-Any-Smartphone-Bike-Mount-iPhone-7-6S-7-Plus-Galaxy-S7-S7-Edge-S6- Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Available in a rigid design, this is perfect for rough terrain. This is compatible with all types of phone and allows you to keep your GoPro. Moreover, it is easy to mount and provides a secure hold. Furthermore, this comes with stems and bars and lets you mount it with ease.

It has a versatile performance to give a secure fit to your smartphone. With it, you can ride safely and enjoy music without the use of headphones. Additionally, this is made of high-quality ABS plastic and lets you remove it without the use of any tools. This is very reliable and can accommodate other large cases.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  High-quality ABS plastic construction.
  •  Ideal for rough terrains.
  •  Suitable for GoPro and different mobiles.

14. WizGear Universal Magnetic Motorcycle Holder


Providing you with a powerful performance, this motorcycle phone mount comes with a magnetic holder. It is in a universal design to accommodate phones of all types. Additionally, it lets you swivel the display according to your preference and keeps your smartphone in a perfect position.

Moreover, this is easy to use and has a sturdy rubber base. This is made of quality materials to give you a reliable performance. Furthermore, the mount has a smooth surface and lets you install it with ease. It is safe to use and comes in a rotating technology. With this, you can ride safely and listen to music without headphone.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Comes along with a magnetic holder.
  •  Safe and secured rotating technology.
  •  Smooth surface for easy installation.

13. Arkon Bike Handlebar Phone Mount

13.Arkon-Bike-Handlebar-Phone-Mount-for-iPhone-X-8-7-6S-Plus-8-7-6S-Galaxy-Note-8-5-Galaxy-S8-S7-Retail-Black-Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Equipped with elastic strap wraps, the motorcycle phone mount provides good protection to your phone. This is compatible with most types of phones and can easily fit in devices of up to 8 inches. Additionally, this can accommodate handlebars with a diameter of up to 33 mm and has a lightweight profile.

Furthermore, this is easy to use and provides a secure hold. In this, you can adjust the top and bottom design and comes with side accessible buttons. Moreover, the mount has easy installation and comes with rubber inserts. This provides ultimate flexibility as it can rotate in 360 degrees.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Protective elastic strap wraps.
  •  Adjustable top and bottom design.
  •  Flexible and 360-degree rotatable design.

12. MaxMiles Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder


Composed of aluminum alloy, the motorcycle phone mount comes with durable performance. This is very lightweight and provides a secure hold. Moreover, this is very strong and is very reliable. This lets you attach or detach your phone with ease and can accommodate phones of up to 4 inches wide.

Furthermore, this comes with an adjustable clamp that lets you easily install it on your motorcycle. You will also find a 3M adhesive patch that delivers peace of mind. Additionally, you can easily keep other gadgets in this and have a safe drive.

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction.
  • 3M adhesive patch for safety.
  • Easy to attach and detach phones.

11. Ailun Motorcycle Mountain Bike


Here is a motorcycle phone mount that comes with universal compatibility and is resistant to dirt. This is made of silicone and lets you wash it with ease. Furthermore, this is very durable and protects for your phone from scratches and damages. Moreover, this is non-slip and has the ability to absorb shocks.

This is safe to use and provides a stable hold. The product allows you to use it with ease and includes multiple adjustment loops. Additionally, this is a perfect cycling helper as it is easy to use. With it, you can easily view your phone map and commute with confidence.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Dirt-resistant construction for durability.
  •  Easily cleanable silicone material.
  •  Anti-slip and shock-resistant construction.

10. ILM Motorcycle Phone Mount


With the ability to accommodate all types of phones, the motorcycle phone mount can rotate in 360 degrees. This comes in an adjustable design that lets you view in multiple angles. Moreover, this has an aluminum structure and is very durable. It provides a stable secure and includes an adjustable handlebar.

Additionally, this is very lightweight and provides a convenient way to hold your phone while riding. It is also easy to use and lets you carry different types of gadgets, including GPS. Furthermore, this is available in a quick-disconnect design that lets you remove it within seconds. It has excellent performance and does not include any cheap parts.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Easy to detach your phones.
  •  Adjustable handle-bar.
  •  Durable aluminum material construction.

9. Motorcycle Phone Mount by CAW.CAR Accessories


Allowing you to have full access while riding, this motorcycle phone mount lets you mount it with ease on tubular handles. This has universal compatibility and does not require any tools to install. Moreover, this comes with a rubberized clip to provide a secure hold. Furthermore, it has silicone belts that delivers a perfect grip and can absorb shock.

With it, you can have an extreme ride without the risk of dropping your phone. Additionally, the grip comes in an adjustable design and can rotate in 360 degrees. It will let you use your phone in any position and have the advantage of riding with safety.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Silicone belts offer a shock-resistant grip.
  •  Rubberized clip delivers a secure hold.
  •  Suitable for cycling or biking.

8. Ram Handlebar Rail Mount


This is a spring-loaded motorcycle phone mount that is compatible with a wide range of models. This will provide a perfect fit to your smartphone as it can easily expand or contract. Additionally, this is made of high strength stainless steel and comes with a rustproof construction.

Furthermore, this has rubber-coated tips that provide a secure hold to your device. You will also find a Tether which is perfect for extreme environments to open a cockpit. Moreover, this is ultra-lightweight and includes a composite rail adapter. The X-grip cradle comes with four legs and has foam pads to secure your phone.

Reasons To Buy

  •  The spring-loaded mechanism for easy attaching/detaching.
  •  Rust-resistant stainless-steel construction.
  •  Comes with composite rail-adapter.

7. Bike Phone Mount by Mongoora


Composed of high-quality materials, the motorcycle phone mount offers a high level of security. With it, you can easily listen to your favorite track without the need of having a headphone. Moreover, it comes in careful design and lets you install it conveniently. Furthermore, this has the capability to fit in different models of phones and is perfect for extreme riders.

It has a plastic and metal structure and enables you to view from multiple angles. Additionally, it lets you have full access to your phone, and you do have to remove your device. This is easy to use and comes with silicone butterfly bands.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Consists of silicone butterfly bands.
  •  High-level secured mounting.
  •  Compatible with most of the phones.

6. Bike Mount by IPOW


Here is a motorcycle phone mount that can reduce the vibration with its soft rubber lines. This has wide compatibility and can easily accommodate different types of phones.

Moreover, this has easy installation and protects the phone from surface scratches due to the clamp. Additionally, the phone mount has 360-degree rotation to let you view the phone from different angles.

In this, you will find two silicone bands that provide a solid grip to your phone. Furthermore, the bands are interchangeable and give protection from all the directions. This is ideal for mapping and is suitable for different road conditions.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Interchangeable bands for multi-direction protection.
  •  Protects mobile screen from scratches.
  •  Offers 360-degree rotatable mounting.

5. Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount by CAW.CAR Accessories


Available in two different colors, the motorcycle phone mount has universal compatibility. This has easy installation and does not require any tool. It comes with silicone belts that grip the phone securely and can absorb shock. Furthermore, this includes a rubberized clip making it perfect for extreme rides.

Moreover, this has 360-degree rotation to provide you with the freedom of using it from any angle. With it, you can have complete access to your phone without having the need to take it out. Additionally, this has an adjustable grip and allows you to keep your phone have to have a smooth ride.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Rubberized clips secure phones from shocks.
  •  Supports stress-free installation.
  •  Offers access to mobile without detaching.

4. Aduro U-Grip Plus Bike Mount


Are you looking to use your phone while riding in different conditions? Here is a motorcycle phone mount that comes with silicone bands that can securely hold your phone in any road condition. Moreover, this is easy to mount and comes in an adjustable design.

Additionally, it has 360-degree rotation to let you view from multiple angles and lets you tilt it in different positions. This can accommodate phones of different brands with a screen size of up to 6 inches and lets you operate your phone with one hand. Furthermore, this comes in low profile design and is water resistant.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Waterproof construction with a low-profile design.
  •  The adjustable design supports easy installation.
  •  Accommodates phones up to 6-inch.

3. Motorcycle Phone Mount by CAW.CAR Accessories


With this motorcycle phone mount, you can have complete access to your phone without the need of un-mount. It comes in a versatile design and is shock absorbing. Furthermore, this will provide a firm hold making it impossible to fall even on bumpy roads.

Additionally, this can rotate in 360 degrees and allows you to adjust the grip according to your advantage. It is easy to install and does not require any tools. Moreover, this comes in a bracket design and includes a rubberized ball for multi-angle positioning. It lets you track the route, and you don’t need to have skilful fingers.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Rubberized ball supports multi-angle positioning.
  •  Tool-free installation and removal.
  •  Comes with bracket design.

2. Vibrelli Bike Phone Mount


This motorcycle phone mount can easily hold a device of up to 3.7 inches wide and is easy to install. You can easily use it on motorcycle handlebars and includes a strong modifiable clamp. Moreover, this includes three silicone bands that are ideal for vibration. Additionally, it has a firm grip and allows you to use the silicone bands for backup.

The phone mount will let you use the phone while riding and you don’t have to take it out. Furthermore, this can securely hold large phones and has 360 degrees rotation. This is made of durable materials and delivers a powerful performance.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Includes strong modifiable clamp.
  •  Offers safe riding on rough terrain.
  •  Firm yet strong grip over phones.

1. Roam Premium Bike Phone Mount


Available in an adjustable design, the motorcycle phone mount can accommodate all types of mobile phones. The handlebar allows you to adjust it in different size and provides a secure grip. Moreover, this has a hard plastic grip along with a silicone net that secures the device tightly.

Furthermore, this is made of hard plastic material and is very functional. This is also very durable and can stretch up to four times its original size. Additionally, this is safe to use, and you can easily view your phone while riding. It lets you adjust it in any angle and is easy to mount.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Hard plastic material construction.
  •  Four times stretchable design.
  •  Allows easy visibility to phone-screen.

A motorcycle phone mount has become a necessity for every motorcyclist. You have to use your phone for some reasons or the others, and that is when the mount comes into play.

You can drive your motorcycle distraction-free and attach a Bluetooth headset to get the instructions for directions as well as attend calls. We have listed the best phone mounts for all the popular smartphones, and they have a universal fitting for motorcycles.