Protecting your iPhone can be a critical task. You have invested a lot of money on your new phone and it would be a shame to break it. With one of the top 15 best iPhone X and XS cases in 2020 on the job, that shouldn’t be a problem.

These iPhone cases are strong and made to take a lot of punishment, so your phone does not have to. When you have a vital communication tool at risk, you want to go with the best. That way you can have peace of mind knowing your iPhone is fully protected.

List of Best Iphone X and XS Cases in 2020 Reviews

15. Besiva Phone Case



This all black phone protective case works for both the X and XS models. Once you have put the case on your iPhone, you can use the handy ring at the back to prop it up for better viewing.

Plus, your phone is protected from sudden shocks, as those are absorbed by the case. You shouldn’t drop it too often as the textured case should not slip from your hand. In addition, your camera lens is protected by a silicone layer. It is clear and shouldn’t get in the way of your picture-taking duties.

Also, you get perfect cutout positioning. Your ports and jacks are clearly exposed and do not have any fear of being blocked by the case.

14. Kitoo iPhone X/XS Case

14. iPhone X Case,iPhone Xs Case, 10ft. Drop Tested Carbon Case, Ultra Slim, Lightweight, Scratch Resistant

The beautiful red exterior adds a little class to your iPhone. It lights up your personality and makes you a more interesting person to be around. Plus, if you do let it slip out of your grasp, it can handle a good 10-foot drop.

Then its lightweight allows you to put it in your shirt pocket with ease, it won’t weigh you down. On top of that, you get a very smooth case to handle, one that won’t block your wireless signal.

Also, you can recharge your phone without removing the case. That makes your recharging efforts easier. Your camera lens should also be protected by a clear silicone strip and none of your ports should be blocked either.

13. Maxdara Case for iPhone X/Xs


Brighten your life up with this little glitter case for iPhones X and XS. The glitter highlights your phone and gives it a little charm. Once you have it on, your iPhone should be fully protected against drops, bumps, and scrapes.

With a 100% rotating ring kickstand, you can prop your iPhone to a better viewing angle. You can use your phone propped up and with your hands tied behind your back. When you need to use your hands, all ports, buttons and other necessities are in the open waiting to be used.

This X and XS protective case will help you make your own statement and stand out from the crowd.

12. LeYi iPhone X/XS Case – Best Iphone X and XS Cases


Enhance your image by choosing to use this very uniquely colored iPhone X and XS protective case. Your friends will be dazzled by its brilliance and you should impress them on how well it protects your phone.

The cutouts are designed to make sure you can plug in headphones, and other electrical devices. Also, you should be able to handle all the buttons with ease. Plus, if you do not like the glitter design, just move the phone. The glitter inside the transparent case moves and changes its design.

In addition, the shockproof case handles all normal daily wear and tear bumps, drops, and scratches with ease. The slim design allows you to use a variety of pockets without worry.

11. BENTOBEN iPhone X/XS Case – Best Iphone X and XS Cases

11. BENTOBEN iPhone X Case, iPhone Xs Case Slim Shockproof 2 in 1 Hard PC Soft Bumper Dual Layer Hybrid Luminous Noctilucent Protective Phone Cases Cover

Slim is the watchword with Pone protective cases. The slimmer the case the easier it is to use. Yet the slim design does not sacrifice any of its protective qualities.

This case will still protect your iPhone from normal daily use. It should also protect against shocks and bumps. With a galaxy design, your phone will catch the eye of that cute guy or girl you always wanted to meet.

As usual, the cutouts are in the right places and make sure you can access all your phone’s features and ports without hassle. Your camera lens also receives protection by being set back just a bit from the surface of the case. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

10. BAISRKE Shiny X/XS case – Best Iphone X and XS Cases

10. BAISRKE Shiny Rose Gold Glitter White Marble Design Clear Bumper Glossy TPU Soft Rubber Silicone Cover Phone Case

With these cases, creativity is the norm. This protective case sports shiny rose, gold and glitter to help you look like the individual you are. The marbled design set against a white background makes sure you look classy and one of the elites.

The hard-plastic case works hard to make sure those bumps, drops, scrapes and other daily mishaps do not penetrate your phone. Also, the case is designed to protect without interfering with your normal daily iPhone use.

Once you snap this protective case into position, your mind can relax and focus on your homework. It is compatible with the X 2017 and the XS 2018 releases and 5.8-inch screens.

9. GVIEWIN Marble iPhone XS/X Case

9. GVIEWIN Marble iPhone Xs Case,iPhone X Case, Ultra Slim Thin Glossy Soft TPU Rubber Gel Phone Case Cover

This beautifully designed green colored case says that you love elegance and want to look elegant all the time. Its design is unsurpassed as it stands out with class and charm. Plus, its sleek design lets you wear it in any pocket without spoiling any of your fashion lines.

After you snap this protective case, your iPhone X or XS receives the best in shock prevention treatment. The case should absorb most of the shocks, bumps, and scrapes sent its way. Your iPhone will still look good when it is time to replace the case.

Then all the cutouts are made to make sure you retain clear access to your buttons and ports. You won’t lose any normal phone functions.

8. I-Blason iPhone XS/X Case


Be a little modern with this contemporary style protective case. You are not losing out on any fashion status by adopting a protective case that looks like it belongs in the 21st century.

Once you put the case on you get 360-degree coverage. Your phone is safe inside and you should not lose access to any of your ports or functions. A built-in screen protector ensures that the case is also protected from scratches and cracks This keeps your home looking great.

Also, the back cover protects against any fingerprints from marring up your nice looking phone. Cushioned corners enhance this case’s protective capabilities and make sure drops do not hurt your phone.

7. Speck Products CandyShell Grip Cell Phone Case

7. Speck Products CandyShell Grip Cell Phone Case for iPhone XS,iPhone X

The sure grip that comes with this iPhone protective case makes sure that even if your hands are moist, the phone should not slip out of your grasp. Once you put it down, you will be able to find it with ease. The bright color design keeps your phone standing out from its surroundings.

If by chance your phone does drop, the military-grade construction materials work overtime protecting your phone. Its slender design won’t bulk up your pockets but slip comfortably away until it is needed again.

Also, you should not lose any access to your ports, jacks, and buttons. The protective case is designed to protect not hinder your phone use. It is a good choice of phone protection.

6. SAMONPOW iPhone X Case

6. SAMONPOW iPhone X Case, iPhone 10 Case,Hybrid iPhone X Wallet Case Card Holder Shell Heavy Duty Protection Shockproof

The unique feature of this iPhone X protective case is in its ability to hide. This protective case comes with a sliding out panel that opens up to a secret credit card pocket. You can keep your cards safe and should not lose them accidentally.

Then the dual layer of protection makes sure your phone is 100% protected. When you drop your phone the rubber bumper protects it against shock and other bumps. Then the cutouts are where you want them. Out of your way.

There is a lifetime warranty that comes with your purchase. This helps to ease your mind, knowing that you are fully protected no matter what.

5. TORRAS iPhone XS/X Case

5. TORRAS iPhone Xs Case,iPhone X Case, Ultra Thin Slim Fit Soft Silicone TPU Cover Case Compatible with iPhone X,iPhone Xs 5.8 inch, Red

The beautiful red trim outlines your phone perfectly. Even the red trim around your camera lens is exquisite and makes you look like you have a lot of class. Once you get through admiring its look, you can use your headphones with ease.

Also, the protective case will not interfere if you are doing wireless recharging. The perfectly cut out cutouts work their magic and keep all ports, etc. clear for your immediate use.

With a sleek design, your hands should not tire holding your iPhone. The phone and case should stay in your hand comfortable until you are ready t put it down or in your pocket. A lifetime warranty comes with your purchase.

4. TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone X/Xs Case

4. TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone XS Case,iPhone X Case, Hard Plastic PC Ultra Thin Mobile Phone Cover Case

You may forget you have this phone and protective case in your pocket. It is so thin and so light you shouldn’t notice that it is even with you. But those features do not stop this case from carrying out its protective duties.

You still get good protection from daily use, normal drops, bumps, and shocks. As well as some scrapes and scratches. A protective layer also watches over your camera lens making sure no harm comes to it.

Like all the other protective cases in this list, the cutouts are done to perfection and give you easy access to your ports and buttons. Once you snap this case into position, your phone will receive triple-A protection.

3. MKEKE Compatible with iPhone XS/X

3. MKEKE Compatible with iPhone Xs Case,iPhone X Case,Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Cover Case iPhone Xs,X

See the world like you never have before with this wonderful view of the earth from outer space. You can see the uniqueness of the planet at the same time you are protecting your phone.

After you slip this case on you get great protection as well as scratch resistance working for you. Plus, the shockproof air system provides even better protection from drops and so on Your phone will love you for the protection you gave it.

This case works with the 2017 X iPhone and the 2018 XS iPhone with ease. As you know, the cutouts are where they should be making sure you do not have any hassles.

2. TORRAS – Best Iphone X and XS Cases


You may just be a conservative frame of mind You do not want to be flashy, gaudy, or even contemporary. When you get into these moods, this conservative colored protective case will help you out. It sends the message that you can be counted on when needed.

Plus, its 3 in 1 protective design makes sure your phone gets the ultimate protection. You can drop it, bump it and even knock it over and the phone should not receive one dent or scrape.

Its plastic construction material should also let your wireless charger send its signal safely to your iPhone. A 6-month warranty protects your investment in this protective case.

1. OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

1. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone X - Retail Packaging - BLACK

The clear black design sends out the message that you are not a person to be fooled with. There is no fooling around with you when you protect your iPhone with this case. You mean business and want to ensure that your phone will be safe and ready to use every time you need it.

With its 2 in 1 protective coating, this case absorbs those shocks that would damage normal cases and their phones. Plus, your camera lens remains safe and sound no matter what normal activity comes its way.

The case is easy to put on and it does not get in the way of your normal phone activities. Go with the best to get the best protection.

Protecting your iPhone is a piece of cake. Especially when you have one of the top 15 best iPhone X and XS cases in 2020 on the job. Don’t waste your money on cheaper cases. Go with the best because you have invested enough money in your phone already. You do not need to spend more.

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