Best Gaming Headsets to Buy in 2020 Reviews

Sound can take your gaming experience to another level. With a perfect gaming headset, you can feel the minute happenings in a competitive game. Gaming headsets come in different designs and may have different features varying to the needs of the user.

It is suitable for all types of game players and lets you use it for listening to music or watching movies. Some can even make your calls and come with a microphone. You can set it up with ease and communicate with your teammates. The following is the list of the top 13 best gaming headsets to buy in 2020.

List of Best Gaming Headsets to Buy in 2020 Reviews

13. SteelSeries Arctis Illuminated Gaming Headset

13. SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone

With an ability to keep your ears dry and cool throughout the game session, this one has easy to use functions. The gaming headset comes in a lightweight design and has AirWeave ear cushions. Additionally, this comes mobile-ready and lets you use it in multiple platforms. It has on-air audio controls and provides you with easy controls on the volume.

Furthermore, this is very lightweight and is ideal for competitive gamers. It has surround sound and delivers incredible sound with its premium audio drivers. Moreover, it has dynamic lighting effects that create a perfect gaming atmosphere. It eliminates any kind of pressure and lets you focus on your game.

Reasons To Buy

  • Ultra-low distortion and high-frequency response.
  • Background noise cancellation for crystal clear sound.
  • Two color options and USB connectivity.

12. SteelSeries Arctis Lossless Gaming Headset

12. SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone

The gaming headset is equipped with premium audio drivers, which provides amazing sound clarity. It has ultra-low latency and provides you with lag-free audio. Moreover, this comes in wireless design and you don’t have to bother about dealing with cables and wires. It lets you choose from two different colors and comes with surround sound.

Additionally, this has a longer battery life and lets you enjoy gaming for up to 24 hours. You will also find the feature of noise cancellation for awesome voice clarity. Furthermore, it eliminates the pressure points with the ski goggle suspension and has comfortable ear cushions. It will let you customize it according to your advantage and has on-ear controls.

Reasons To Buy

  • Zero interference and ultra-low latency.
  • Wireless design with a high-quality battery.
  • Low distortion and 360-degree precision.

11. CORSAIR Stereo Gaming Headset


Here is a gaming headset, which has the ability to deliver high performance and lets you focus on your game. This has 50 mm neodymium speakers for delivering superior sound quality. Moreover, you can easily use them on different types of gadgets and comes with metal construction, which makes you use for the long term.

Furthermore, it allows you to remove the microphone and use it according to your comfort. With it, you can have enhanced voice quality, as the unidirectional microphone can reduce ambient noise. Additionally, it has memory foam ear cups that f=gives you exceptional comfort, and you can also adjust it according to your needs.

Reasons To Buy

  • Eliminates ambient noise for high performance.
  • Removable microphone and wide compatibility.
  • Superior accuracy for enhanced voice quality.

10. RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset


Here is a gaming headset that comes in an ergonomic design and lets you have all-day comfort. This one has a superior sound quality and ensures that you make crystal clear communication. This has multi-platform compatibility and comes with the feature of plug and play. Moreover, this has LED lights on both its sides, and you can easily turn it off.

Additionally, it gives you 7.1 surround sound with its integrated IC and lets you have a perfect gaming session. You will also find a robust audio cable of 7.2 feet and has an impedance of 32 Ohm. Furthermore, this will deliver excellent sound with its 50 mm neodymium driver and filter any kind of background noise.

Reasons To Buy

  • Light design for maximum comfort.
  • Stylish with LED lights.
  • Anti-static with crystal clear communication.

9. RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset


An ideal product for game enthusiasts, this one comes with many features that give you a comfortable experience. The gaming headset comes with the feature of noise cancelation that lets you have crystal clear conversation.

Moreover, it allows you to connect to different platforms and is in an ergonomic design. Additionally, this is made of premium materials and has superb performance. In this, you will find fascinating LED lights on both the sides that provide it a cool look.

Furthermore, it includes a retractable headband that gives you a comfortable experience. The headset is also very lightweight and lets you use it for long gaming sessions. It has immersive sound quality with its 50 mm neodymium magnets.

Reasons To Buy

  • Premium material with ergonomic design.
  • Noise cancelation and universal compatibility.
  • Cool LED lights for a dazzling effect.

8. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset


With two attractive colors to choose from, the gaming headset comes in open back design. This is very lightweight and has robust ear pads that deliver maximum comfort. Moreover, it includes a noise-canceling microphone, which will allow you to make crystal clear conversations. Additionally, you can use it on different types of platforms with its 3.5 mm jack and includes a braided cable of 3 meters.

In this, you will find the volume control on the ear cup that lets you reach it with ease. Furthermore, this will keep you cool in the gaming sessions and comes with transducer technology. This is perfect for game players and has exchangeable cables.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight and open back design.
  • Crystal clear conversation and automatic mute.
  • Extra-long cable for better convenience.

7. BENGOO V-4 Gaming Headset


Allowing you to use it in multiple platforms, the gaming headset has 50 mm neodymium magnet driver for clear audio and bass. Furthermore, this has isolating noise and lets you rotate the microphone in 360 degrees.

With it, you can have great communication with the feature of noise cancelation. Additionally, it reduces heat to sweat and provides you with great comfort when you use it.
The gaming headset comes with a USB cable of 2.1 meters and has a rotary volume controller on it.

Moreover, it has easy setup options and comes with universal compatibility. It is in a retro design and includes a flexible headband. This is very lightweight and has an impedance of 20 Ohms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Rotary control for easy volume control.
  • 360-degree rotation and extra-long cable.
  • Magnetic neodymium driver for a great bass.

6. ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset


If you are looking to have a super gaming experience, then this is the one for you. The gaming headset comes in a user-friendly design and is compatible with multiple platforms. It has an outstanding audio chamber and includes a durable string. Moreover, it allows adjusting the microphone according to your advantage and has a flexible headband.

Furthermore, the earpads will provide a comfortable experience and lets you use it for extended hours. You will also find a convenient volume controller and set it with ease. Additionally, it has a high-quality 50mm driver for superb bass and picks up the sound from 360 degrees. This has an impedance rating of 16 Ohm and has USB for light.

Reasons To Buy

  • RGB LED lights for a customized effect.
  • 50 mm driver for sound from all sides.
  • Comfortable to use with soft ear pads.

5. ONIKUMA Pro Gaming Headset

5. PS4 Gaming Headset - ONIKUMA Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound

Featuring a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound, this comes with a folding microphone for improved comfort. The skin-friendly ear pad of the headphone lets you use it for hours without any discomfort. Moreover, it is breathable and makes sure that there will be no sweat. The headband is adjustable and has a soft padding.

Furthermore, this has a 3.5 mm plug that allows you to connect it with a wide range of devices. It has neodymium magnets, which lets you have clear bass. Additionally, this will maximize the clarity of the sound and lets you use it for a long time. The headset is in innovative design and delivers high performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • 7.1 surround technology with a folding microphone.
  • Neodymium magnet drivers and omnidirectional sound.
  • Durable materials and comfortable to use.

4. Gaming Headset by TBI Pro

4. V8 IMBA Pro Gaming Headset for 3D Surround Sound Dynamics

Providing you with irresistible comfort, the gaming headset allows you to use it on multiple platforms. It has a dynamic sound quality and has a powerful microphone. Additionally, this has a USB interface and includes 50 mm, directional drivers. You will also find LED lights that create a perfect environment when you play games.

Furthermore, this is made of durable leather and is very comfortable when you use it. You can easily enjoy the sleek design of the headset with its breathable earmuffs, which lets you use it without any sweat. Moreover, this is easy to connect and has high-quality sound. It has easy controls and lets you adjust it according to your advantage.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable design with LED brightening effects.
  • Universal compatibility and soft earmuffs.
  • Easy controls and simple profile.

3. Logitech G430 Headphone


Here is a gaming headset that lets you control the sound when you play a game or watch a movie. This comes with a cable of 2.3 meters and has easy to reach controls. It has DTS 7.1 surround sound system, which lets you hear in a professional way.

Additionally, it has rotating ear cups that let you position it according to your own comfort. You can easily transport it due to its lay-flat design. Furthermore, it is comfortable to wear and will not cause any harm to your ears. You can easily take off the cover from the headset and clean it.

Moreover, this is very lightweight and gives you a feeling of not wearing anything. This also comes with a noise-canceling mic and makes you hear loud and clear without any distortions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable to use with rotating ear cups.
  • Noise cancellation and easy to fold.
  • High-frequency response with the unidirectional pattern.

2. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset


Available on stylish design, this gaming headset comes in two different colors. It comes with a digitally enhanced microphone, which is easy to detach. You will also find 7.1 surround sound along with a USB audio card.

Furthermore, this can cancel noise and has a frequency of 15 to 25 kHz. Additionally, it comes with the feature of echo cancellation and is compatible with a wide range of gadgets.
The headset has earpads with the memory that lets you use it comfortably for long hours. It has 53 mm drivers and enhances your gaming experience.

Moreover, this has a powerful audio performance and lets you optimize your chat during game battles. You can also easily use it for music or movie and feel the power of its bass. It is easy to connect and comes with pro-gaming optimization.

Reasons To Buy

  • 7.1 surround sound and wide compatibility.
  • Comfortable with memory foam ear pads.
  • Noise reduction and echo cancellation.

1. BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset


Equipped with an adjustable microphone, this gaming headset will transform your gaming experience. It is compatible with multiple platforms, and you can easily use it for a computer, tablet, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox One.

The headset is very functional and provides you with a comfortable feeling. Moreover, it has a soft texture with wearable TPE and is made of skin-friendly material. It reduces sweat and allows you to wear it for a long time.

This one has a concise structure and is very lightweight. Additionally, this is perfect for gaming purpose and is very durable. It is easy to install and comes with USB plugs. Furthermore, this has an LED light that delivers a perfect game atmosphere. The flexible headset comes with the feature of volume control and has an elegant appearance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Noise isolation for better sound.
  • Skin friendly materials for stress-free use.
  • Strong bass with the omnidirectional pattern.

It doesn’t matter, whether you use a gaming headset for playing games or for communication, as it is of multipurpose use. With it, you can have comfort and remove distractions.

You can easily customize your listening preference as per your advantage. You have seen the different features that the best gaming headset can offer. Always go for the one that meets your requirements, and we have listed the best ones for you to pick easily.

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