Best Carpet Rakes in 2020 Reviews

Carpets are wonderful to walk on. They give your feet somewhere soft to land and they can tickle you as you walk. They also look good too. Then to keep them looking their best you need one of the top 13 best carpet rakes in 2020.

These rakes keep your carpets looking good as well as help extend their lives. That will save you money in the long run as you will not have to replace your carpets as often. Plus, they will help keep your carpets clean.

When you want your home or office looking their best, you need a top-quality carpet rake to handle the tough cleaning chores. When your carpets look good, you look good. That helps build you a sterling reputation. Use the best every time.

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13. Carlisle Commercial Groomer Carpet Rake


Keep your office carpet looking great for visitors. This carpet rake is made from top quality materials and can reach deep down into your carpet to bring out all the dirt trapped inside. The 18-inch blade will capture what your vacuum cleaner missed while straightening out the matted look. The head will also raise crushed carpet so it looks better than ever.

On top of all that, the long 54-inch handle should not put any stress on your back. Made from wood, it should stand up to normal carpet cleaning duties without hurting you or the carpet. The roughly 2 to 3-inch grill makes sure each pass you make captures whatever is still lying in the carpet, even hair. The plastic top is as durable as the wood handle.

12. Groom Industries Perky Carpet Rake


Along with getting trapped in dirt, this carpet rake works with the stain remover to make sure your carpet is nice and clean. The cleaner should also help make your carpet smell fresher. The trigger handled bottle makes no mess and gets the solution where you are aiming at.

Plus, the handle breaks down into three separate pieces. This allows you to customize the rake as well as help you find a good storage spot for it. The threaded ends just slip together and a few turns lengthen or shorten the rake.

Then the 12+ inch rake head comes with thick long bristles to get deep into your carpet and remove those stubborn particles that refuse to leave your carpet. The rake is not that heavy and should be easy to maneuver.

11. Iamagie Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper


The durable rubber bristles on this carpet rake withstand lots of use as well as many different carpet styles. They can remove pet hair, dirt, and other touch objects from your carpet with ease.

Then to make sure you can find your cleaning comfort zone and not hurt your back, the handle adjusts between 32 and 59 inches in length. You get 3 lengths to choose from. That means smaller children can also use this rake when it is chore time.

To clean the dirt and grime from the bristles, all you have to do is put it under the tap and run some water over it. Wait, there is more good news. There is a built-in squeegee. This feature allows you to clean outdoors as well as inside. Your cleaning tasks just got easier.

10. FamilyDate TPR Natural Telescoping Handle Rubber Broom


The handle extends from approx 2 1l;3 feet to 4 1/2 feet with just a slight twist of your wrist. Then with another twist, you can return it to a smaller size. This flexibility allows you to customize your cleaning and get into those tight corners.

With rubber bristles combing your carpet, you should be able to catch all the dirt still inside. Plus, to make sure you have a clean rake next time, it cleans up nice and easily. Just soak it in some soapy water.

This carpet rake should pick up pet hair and other difficult objects in each pass. Then with the built-in squeegee, you can wash the floors and get the water off quickly. The plastic handle is easy to hold and should not let your hand slip off.

9. ORIENTOOLS Turf -Best Carpet Rakes


This tough carpet rake handles all the difficult carpet cleaning jobs with ease. The adjustable steel handle holds up strong even after many uses. Then with a flick of your wrist, the handle turns from a 32-inch rake to a 52-inch rake.

Customizing your cleaning tools makes any cleaning job a lot easier to do. Then the 18-inch rake head covers a lot of territory in one swipe. Plus, the 2 to 3-inch bristles reach way down to make sure you do not miss any dirt or other small objects left behind from normal cleaning.

Just be careful though. This carpet and turf rake is not rated to handle rocks or heavy objects. Once you get cleaning with this easy to carpet rake, you won’t want to stop. It is easy to use.

8. NZQXJXZ Push Broom -Best Carpet Rakes


Long rubber bristles handle most of the cleaning work. All you have to do is maneuver them into the right position with every stroke. The plastic rake head is not that heavy and it should not tire your hands out as you work.

Then to make sure you can reach every spot on the carpet, you can adjust the handle to 3 different lengths. It will reach up to 59 inches at one time. Once you are finished with the carpet, you can flip it over and start on the windows.

You have the same reach as with the carpet. The built-in squeegee makes sure you do not leave any water streaks behind. The adjustable nature makes sure you do not hurt yourself or put yourself on a risky ladder. Plus, the large rake head covers a lot of ground.

7. NZQXJXZ Push Broom – Soft Bristle


The rubber handle comes with a no-slip grip. That means you do not waste any time having the rake slip out of your hands. You can work till the job is done. Then the 59-inch length makes sure you reach long distances to cut down your cleaning time.

In addition to that, you have a built-in squeegee to handle any glass cleaning chore sent your way. You can clean the carpets and the windows with the same tool. When you are cleaning the carpets, this rake will pick up dirt, grime, small objects, and pet hair.

This lightweight broom is easy to manipulate and can get deep into your carpet with its long rubber bristles. Cleaning has never been this much fun/ The wide rake makes sure no spot is left unclean.

6. B.W. -Best Carpet Rakes


The almost 12-inch width on this carpet rake makes sure your carpet is cleaned fast and without leaving dirt behind. The 5-inch bristles dig deep into your carpet so you know it is thoroughly cleaned with every pass.

Then the bristles remain flexible so you do not break any if you get the rake stuck. On top of this, the lightweight rake head is not hard to get into position and pull towards you. It won’t take a lot of effort to clean your carpets.

This is a rake head only. But it is made to work with any handle that measures 7/8 of an inch in diameter. You can use your favorite handle, whether it is made of wood or plastic and get your carpets clean at the same time.

5. CLEANOVATION Rug Renovator/Carpet Cleaning Brush -Best Carpet Rakes


Bring your carpets back to life with this specially designed carpet rake. To handle dirty and worn carpets you get 2 settings, Light blue for easy cleaning spots and dark blue for tougher areas.

Plus, it will work on liquid stains, deep dirt issues and more without you having to put the rake down and scrub the carpet clean. The adjustable handle can be removed and makes sure you do not put a lot of strain on your back.

The handle extends to about 56 inches give or take an inch or two. Once you get set up no carpet is too tough for you and this carpet rake. Also, you can use the special shampoo to get your carpets looking like new again. No hard work, just simple cleaning.

4. Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake & Groomer


This long-handled carpet rake comes with a comfortable and non-slip grip handle. Your hands should not feel the strain as you push this rake or pull it back. The handle measures 51 inches long giving you lots of room to rake long patches of your carpet.

Then with the 12-inch rake head, you can make short work of your carpet cleaning duty. Soon you will be back doing your favorite activities while your carpets look better than they did before.

In addition to this, the plastic rake head is durable while remaining lightweight. You can maneuver this rake without breaking a sweat. After you have cleaned your carpets, you can break the handle down into three easy to store pieces and put the rake away.

3. Groom Industries Perky -Best Carpet Rakes


Plastic can be light and easy to move about. It can also be durable and tough allowing you to get difficult tasks done. This rake has both good qualities and cleans your carpets thoroughly.

Its long bristles do not miss much and they can go deep if you have thick carpeting on your floors. Once you are ready to clean you can assemble the three handle parts and get to it. The rake pulls easily and should not get caught in the carpet.

After you have completed your cleaning chores, just break the handles down and put them away till it is needed again. You can pick up pesky and determined pet hairs easily when you utilize this rake for carpet cleaning. Your house should look and smell great when all the cleaning is over.

2. Quality Line Universal -Best Carpet Rakes


Hundreds of metal bristles are on the rake head. These bristles are tough but flexible. They won’t stop till they get all the pet hair out of your carpet. With so many cleaning tools in one spot, your cleaning time will go faster and smoother.

Then to help your back, the pole extends out to 4 feet in length. You do not have to strain your back to get your carpets looking great again. Also, its lightweight makes sure your arms and muscles do not get overworked as you manipulate this rake.

You and your carpets stay in top shape throughout the cleaning process. When your cleaning task is over, just shrink the handle and hang the rake in a closet, garage or your basement.

1. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

1.Bissell-Natural-Sweep-Carpet-and-Floor-Sweeper-with-Dual-Rotating-System-and-2-Corner-Edge-Brushes-92N0A-Silver.jpg May 30, 2020 62 KB

This traditionally designed Bissel floor sweeper picks up the dirt and pet hair so you do not have to. Plus, it comes with soft bumpers so you do not have to worry about banging your furniture and damaging their legs, etc.

On top of that, this eco-friendly sweeper uses no electricity and has dual brushes that pick up all the dirt on your floors. Its lightweight makes it easy to maneuver and your arms should not get too tired from using it for an hour or two.

Then for easy storage, the handle comes a[part. This allows you to put it into crowded closets till you need it again. The sweeper is not hard to empty when it is full.

Carpet cleaning is never an easy chore but it must be done if you want a healthy home or office. Using one of the top 13 best carpet rakes in 2020 makes the task a lot easier to do. When you upgrade to the best cleaning tools your life becomes easier and you have more time for your family.


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