metal gear solid touch ios mobile game app

Metal Gear Solid arrived on the iPhone/iPod touch but is it any good and worth your hard earned money?

Quite simply, yes!

TitleMetal Gear Solid Touch
Platform(s)iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Developer(s)Kojima Productions
GenreThird-person shooter
ReleaseMarch 18, 2009
ESRB-rating-Mature-17+MATURE - Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is a long-running series of games known for their excellence and polish and Metal Gear Solid Touch is no different. While a ‘rail’ shooter, Konami is able to make the transition from console to the mobile device without much trouble.

From the moment you load the game up, it is easy to see that this is going to be good. The music is great and the artistic style is very much in the area of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. As you can imagine, the games follow the events of the PlayStation 3 counterpart. The first mission of the Touch version is the first mission on the PS3. That, of course, isn’t a bad thing as this adds a new twist to the gameplay.

The controls are fairly straightforward if you have ever played any sort of snipping/shooting game on the iPhone/iPod touch. You drag your finger across the screen and your aim follows. You tap to shoot, multi-touch to zoom in and out and so on. Some players will be rather upset to learn that you do not have full control over Snake. He pretty much stays put and the player controls his aim.

ios-mgst-screenHence, the ‘rail shooter’ game type. When you aren’t touching the screen, Snake is taking cover. When you touch the screen you are exposed. Fairly simple but it works. It is important to remember that this is an iPhone/iPod game. Considering what the developer is working with they have done a good job.

Of course, Konami hasn’t left fans without the classic sense of humor (or weirdness) they are known for. Often you will see a rather suspicious rubber duck taking a rest while you are fighting for your life (shoot it for a life refill) other times you will see a plastic frog that will give you a new weapon.

Should an iPhone/iPod Touch owner buy this app?

If you like shooting things and Metal Gear Solid the answer is yes. If you don’t like ‘rail shooters’ then the answer is no. Simple as that! Without a doubt, this game carries with it a touch of polish and class that no other iPhone/iPod game offered back than.